Monday, December 2, 2013

They're at it again

Back in the 60's the issue of drug use, with main focus on marijuana, was progressively hyped to the point that there was no escaping it.  Eventually we had police officers give vague lectures about it in schools.  They were doing this before I'd ever knowingly encountered this mysterious practice known as "smoking pot".

What the hell does that mean?  I didn't know.  I knew about drinking illegally, being under age and a regular drinker.  Why do they call it pot?  All the promotion on the news and from government agencies certainly piqued my curiosity.  They seemed to exaggerate and be lost to reality on many other issues so their admonitions against doing something that would never have occurred to me had they not shown hot looking hippy chicks and carefree hipsters enjoying themselves rose quickly to the top of my to-do list.

I credit the TV news of the day with doing more to promote and sell drugs than peer pressure.  There are ways to tell stories which convey information, rather than generate fear among parents and giddy excitement among their offspring.

Now we live in times when there is even less parental influence and sane guidance than there was in years past.  Hence we have young racists, mostly black, knocking out people who appear to be targeted  because they are not black.  Old ladies, and anyone else who is likely to be an easy target.  And, of course, it is all over the news being glamorized in a way that would appeal to brain dead youth, while scaring others.

We also live in the age in which violent crime is somehow worse if your motive is hatred of a group.  Due to political insanity the knockout game crimes are not classed as hate crimes.  I am opposed to the whole concept of hate crimes.  I don't care why a person was needlessly punched, murdered, etc.--the result for the victim is the same.

But, if they want to prosecute other events differently, calling them hate crimes, then don't pretend it is different in these cases because you are scared of upsetting Al Sharpton and other racial extortionists.  Better yet, trash that whole hate crime category and deal with all crimes in an even handed, sane and just manner.

The hate crime concept was only introduced to appease certain groups for the purpose of maintaining voter blocks.  Enforce laws against people hurting people even handedly and you don't need to make it a bigger crime to kill someone due to race and gayness or whatever than if the perp just wanted to shoot his neighbor.

The elephant in the room is the fact that black on white crime is extremely high and that the pandering, dishonest approach to the inner city culture, and race has only made things worse.  All Americans lose, regardless of subgroup.  It doesn't help that white and black fools have driven home the concept that all blacks must think alike.  Anyone not on board with that gets labeled as not being true to their identity; not black enough and all that.

This will gain momentum for awhile.  Pundits will dream up any number of excuses to explain it, as if these punks actually reason in terms of history or performance art and the like.  I

t is as if paid pundits--I don't know what else to call them (they certainly aren't journalists)--and government mouthpieces were never that age and never felt that thirst for power or acceptance, or just the rage, that leads one to do really dumb things without a sense of empathy, and certainly without any level of reasoning.  That is what cultural approval or disapproval, guidance from adults, and enforcement of reasonable laws are for.  Making excuses and pretending cowardly, aberrant behavior is not what it is has proven highly destructive.

There are a number of things which I think become promoted in this way of "reporting", and I believe it  results in a lot of pain which may have been avoided had the subjects been treated differently.  When thugs get thwarted or maybe killed when they attempt these assaults, you can bet Al and Jesse will be all over it as if the thugs are victims.

It is a serious problem, the idea in some circles that it is OK to assault certain groups just because of race. I thought we were trying to dispel that idea and eliminate such behavior in this country for the last many decades.  The way it is being handled is not helping.

The other overlooked issue is that inner city blacks need to fear each other more than any other race.  That is a huge problem.  Odd that so little of any consequence is done about that by self styled leaders in that community.

Maybe it would be better to label all Americans as American, and expect a uniform standard of behavior and respect, rather than have the asian community, the black community the privileged,  under privileged, etc.  That is why I don't go for hyphenated descriptions regarding nationality or continent.  If you are confused about where you live or your racial category, get a map and a mirror.

I say black and white because the latin racial designations and such create problems, and who cares.  Even though I'm some shade of brown with other tints thrown in, I just say white.

Oh well.  On one hand we take much of history out of context, or just lie, to get particular groups angry in order to satisfy the agenda of fools and evil doers, and on the other we pretend to be concerned with the results this sort of chicanery brings.

That's all.  They are shamelessly promoting violence while pretending to be too goofy to know.  And many politicians, community shamans, teachers, and news spokesmodels truly are too goofy to get it.

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