Monday, September 17, 2012


OK. I guess I've succinctly put all I know about wimmins in just a few words or less, above.
thanks again to person who sent this long ago

Some Quick Questions

Has anyone actually seen the alleged movie about he who cannot be mentioned or critiqued(PBUH), in its entirety? (all I can find are little trailer-type videos, all of which are very cartoonish and comical)
Innocence of Muslims is the title, I guess. Catchy. not really

Does anything beyond the snippets of the flick even exist?

Do you honestly believe that this elusive bit of bad cinema -- which would have remained unknown but for the islamic riots and angry mob noise -- is actually the cause of all this?

Do you think all this hostility against the USA is not orchestrated by the misnamed Arab Spring people? (I think Muslim brotherhood spring is more fitting if you examine the results)

Spontaneous and coincidentally timed to occur on the 11th anniversary of 9-11, or something in the works with organization and intent?

As a pollster I am as obviously biased as the pros.
It may appear that I am not neutral on issues concerning the hurt feelings of the religion of riots, but trust me, I am ever tolerant and loving and only want to understand and make everyone feel better about stoning their wives and sisters to death. I am always thrilled to discover the diversity and unique ways of wild eyed religious fanatics of all beliefs.

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