Thursday, February 18, 2010

Winter Olympics: part 2: Curling ROCKS !!!

Finally, I had a chance to watch some of the winter Olympics on a regular TV. A big one. I don't get NBC on my antenna driven box, so I've not seen much of it.

The flying tomato, Shaun White---clearly the best. I like that type of thing, always have. For some reason, almost anything to do with winter olympics holds my attention. Last night, after the spectacular stuff and speed races, all that was on was curling. You'd be surprised how engaging that can be when you pay attention. It was all women, and some were pretty. The skill and strategy are interesting to observe.

After awhile I was wanting to text the Canadian team, advising them on strategy. I didn't do it. It was late and I had work to do this morning so I forced myself to go to sleep without seeing how the matches ended. And without exerting influence on the teams.

They not only practiced curling at the 1924 Olympics, but they also knew how to dress for the occasion. Chamonix, France

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