Sunday, April 21, 2013

Fine Couple of Musical Days

Last night I went with K and L to a thing in a large Point Loma house with an ocean view and lots of window.  It was sort of a new agey deal, but not really.  I'm able to adapt in that environment because of my strange life.   The guy doing the house concert is a really nice guy, and the way he described his process of playing is how I'd describe mine--on a good day.

His main thing is cello.  Way back, he was a session bass player.  Anyway, he mixed in some Indian string instrument--not a sitar--used looping and created layers then usually played cello over it, altering the loops as he played.  It was good.  I liked his attitude and his playing.

And, I swear, ALL the women were good looking.  It appears there is a chance they want us to play there.  That's the foot in the door I'm after.  With luck, I may yet encounter another kid in a candy store scenario.

OK.  So, we were slated to play Cosmos, the smarmy place, tonight.  And we did, and every negative thing I had in my mind about the place was wrong.  They did something so the stage had adequate room.  A guy I know had the sound system under control.  I do not think I've had things set that well since I've been in California.

By the way, Feliz quatro vente.

Before Cosmos, there was the Sat. open mic in Rancho San Diego.  Cliff was there but didn't want to play.  Neither of us wanted to do anything like what we'd be doing later.  They put my name on the slate whether I ask or not.  I decided to see if I could get a bass and guitar player to pick up and carry with me after I started some sort of pattern.  On the first one we ended up morphing into Kansas city because the guitar could sing it, and it was fun to slide into it.

We did another far different thing in Eminor.  I couldn't believe the guitar was able to work with it.  That is the kind of situation I miss about decades ago in Greensboro.  That was what people did, and had to do then.  I guess they were emphasizing the make it up as you go school.  They also emphasized that whatever you are doing better fit.

So, it was a mini jam and it worked.  Planting little seeds.

The people that organize that event closed it early so people could go see us at Cosmos.  That was unexpected.
Whether I played better than I have in a long time, I don't know.  I do know I had more fun playing than I have in a long time.  Sometimes playing well is not overplaying, and just complimenting the background.  There were plenty of times when I am expected to run amok.  The sound was so good, I had all kinds of control so I let myself get lost in it.  No complaints.  I still wonder how it sounded, but I had fun and played without second thought.

There was one of the beauties from the yoga group place.  And she appears single.  But am I too old for her?  I can't tell.  Seems reasonable to just be used for awhile then dumped.  So, under those conditions I won't mind if I'm found to be too old.    That woman has "trouble" coming out of every pore.  

It's like I'm thinking, hey this could be a fun roller coaster even though it would certainly end badly.   If that isn't mental illness, perhaps it is spring fever.

It looks like my insistence on trying to play background, and not noisy on top all the time, is paying off.  Some of the better players I've encountered, who do regular gigs around town, are taking notice and commenting favorably.  Eventually the circle will widen to include who knows what.

The music thing is silly, I think.  But it is there, and I think I have some angle on it where I'm competent.

Was listening to Donato Poveda CD.  He's some kind of Spanish speaking nationality.  The music seems to have Mexican, Cuban and something else influences.   I was big on that CD for much of my exodus trip, when I first left Memphis.   I highly recommend Donato.  But you have to listen to the whole thing.  Great traveling music.   Lots of percussion on some of it, cool Mexican-ish harmonies.

I find some of the rhythms on Donato's album to be compelling.   It has been awhile.  I forgot how Donato rocks.
Did I report that Los Lonely Boys cancelled the show on the 28th?  They did.  I'm not surprised.  It was that long ago that the guitar player fell off the stage and did some injuries.  If I'm around in August they'll be playing Shelter Island, right there on Point Loma.  On the bay.  I know it is stupid to pretend anyone knows what I did or did not "report".
OK.  That's it.  We only played two 1/2 hour sets.  Some other guys alternated with us.  The place was not that big.  Not a huge crowd, but enough.   1/2 hour is not bad for a set of this kind.   Enough mix that I could gage the demographics of who seemed to like various things.  I do OK with the younger set--the ones that look like possible trouble.  Seriously.  I've found that you can't jump to conclusions.  If they like what I do, then I'll vouch for their good character and high sense of artistic integrity.

In some ways, SoCal does find ways to keep people entertained.  Only in CA would a house concert like that be happening as it did.   I hope it doesn't become so heavy handed that I leave, because this place is beginning to suit me fine.

Never know what is around the corner, at least in my world.  How do I know how it works for anyone else?  

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