Wednesday, October 12, 2011

You Can't Have It Both Ways

It is a well known fact that if you disagree with, or do not support the administration of, Barack Obama, you are a racist.

Now the same people who pronounced the above immutable law of nature have decided that if you are, or support, Herman Cain, you are a racist.

The first law of Obama politics seems to assume that you are a racist in that you could only disagree with him if you are anti-Black, or anti-African-American, or anti-African---you choose. I still stand fast in my opposition to hyphenating nationalities or continents.

Since Herman Cain is black, I am not sure how his racism, and that of those who like him, is defined. We can only assume that Al Sharpton and others who make their living off of racial conflict are the arbiters of who and what is racist, and who is properly "Black enough". Of course, Herman Cain isn't because he is a capitalist and he is not a democrat.

Everyone knows that if you aren't a democrat, you cannot possibly be Black. (even though the first free Black members of congress were Republican, and the KKK used to be a very active part of the Democratic party---last of which was maybe Robert Byrd who was eulogized not long ago by democrats in Washington after he finally died and quit running for office)

Until people quit suckering for the politics of race and condition of birth, the Plantation will continue to grow, people will continue to be blinded to their own humanity, opportunity, and chance to enjoy life. The autonomy of the individual will continue to be eroded unless this philosophically unsound way of thinking is seen for what it is; a way to make money for a few, and a way to perpetuate hate and misery for many.

I don't care if it is the Congressional Black Caucus, the KKK, La Raza, or the Black Panthers--all such groups are purely motivated by a few who want to feel powerful and stand above those they lead by instilling the victim mentality, and treating ethnicity, gender and any other condition of birth as some sort of character value. Race, gender, none of that is a character value, idiots!! It is not relevant to the word "rights". Reason and logic, right and wrong, do not know color, so repent your crimes and shut up, Al, Jesse, KKK, Nazis, iota of a Black Panther.

It is not relevant to individual freedom, to anything that has to do ensuring maximum individual autonomy in a civil society. That is what government is for--protect the rights of the people, starting with the individual. That is why it is supposed to have limits and if our judges and politicians had ever read and adhered to the Constitution instead of raping the spirit and meaning to accomplish their own elitist ends, maybe I wouldn't be discussing this.

That would please some people. I think it would please me.

If someone told me I wasn't white enough because of my philosophy of how my country ought be governed, I'd have to laugh at them. Why does no one laugh when people debate whether Herman Cain is black enough? Why didn't they do something of the kind when all those self appointed gauges of blackness were questioning if Obama was black enough?

I cannot believe people don't speak up en masse to shout down so-called black leaders, hispanic leaders, and while they are at it, so-called business leaders and labor leaders. It is conditioning and Herman is right, most of us have been brainwashed, even though he did not say that exactly since he was focussing on questions about one "community". Most of us are brainwashed in a Pavlovian kind of way. Or bought off real cheap. How many decent union members turn a blind eye to the mob connections and gangster tactics? And they call Wall Street greedy?

At least the KKK gets laughed out of town quite often. It is time to do the same to all these other racists, Hispanic supremacists, and Black supremacists. That is what they are. Racist charlatans conning people, at worst, and serious racial chauvinists who believe their race is better and should rule others at best.

Although, I'm not sure which of those two choices is better or worse. I let it stand. At least in the second case they actually believe something. In the first case they are just fueling weaknesses in human nature and cashing in, knowing they are unjust and crooked.

It is hard for people not to latch on to the victim mentality--it eliminates the need to undergo that uncomfortable process known as introspection; self examination. The victim mentality not only causes people to suspend normal values and respect for others, it causes them to let go of reasoning to a dangerous degree.

Child Review: Offspring of Bureaucrats in High Positions

OK. Mr. Morebucks, who owns the place where I do various jobs, is very well connected politically, clearly because he is very well set financially. He's one of the back seat drivers of things governmental, and believe me, things governmental are guided more by those you don't see, riding in the back seat, than those in front waving and honking the horn.

I think that was some sort of metaphorish statement, but probably is full of flaws any English major would note and find disquieting.

Whatever it was, I stand by by it.

So, people in high places sometimes vacation at Mr Morebucks SoCal resort home. He is rarely there; maybe three weeks out of the year divided among two or three visits. He hires a full time house manager to handle the bills, hire people like me and make sure his rowdy friends have whatever they want when they descend on the place. Most of his friends are in one way or another connected to politics or government, either nationally or in the land of dead voters. That reference allows the astute who remember what put Kennedy and others over the top to narrow it down to a city. Others will just have to assume it is irrelevant.

OK, a guy who is high enough up that government agents accompany the family on vacation came to stay with his hot wife and bratty kids. The kids broke the electric wooden gate in the first fifteen minutes. Somehow they managed to force the operating arm of the thing to pull out from its mount which meant two lag bolts were ripped out of the wood. Not the best lag bolt installation to begin with, but this took effort and persistence.

I did not find out how it happened until today. The maid saw them arrive. I was called to go fix it that day. I was able to do a temporary repair, then the next day the gang was to be gone all day so I returned and did my usual excellent work installing a permanent fix. I had to pick up some things based on the previous day's observations. That is how such things work--fiddle and fit. You have to go see what the problem is then hope you can find the right thing to fix it. This one worked out.

Today I went back to do the usual putting things away and covering things up that I do when the guests hit the road...or in most cases, the private jet.

Those kids must have a thing about doors on hinges. They managed to destroy the hinges on a cabinet door. It is a pretty good sized cabinet which houses some sound equipment. It is all operated by remote and there is no reason to even be in there. Finding the same type hinge is going to be a trick. What I did was trade out the top hinge for the bottom one of a smaller door with the same hardware. The cabinet has three different types of hinges for various reasons.

The door has to close or a light stays on; like a refrigerator door, except this one is de-energized by a button the door has to press against when closed. I barely got it to work, but it is not noticeably screwed up unless you are a cabinet nazi. In that case you'd notice that it is not perfect.

The thing is, the parents watched as their kids set out to mess up the big wooden driveway doors/gate, and did absolutely nothing. Judging from the spoiled and entitled behavior of guests at this place; they break things, leave trash laying around, etc. and never say to the "help", oh we busted this or that. They just go on their merry way and maybe complain about something like, "We couldn't get the windows in the hall to open". Of course those would be the only windows that do not open because they are panes of glass mounted in the wall and not intended to open.

Seriously these people are mentally deficient. But, they are in high places and buds with the President. Far be it from me to draw any conclusions from that.

Their kids are destructive little brats, and the parents do not take responsibility for their actions, or for guiding the kids away from abusing that which is not theirs.

Late era baby boomers. Really, when a baby boomer has decent kids or is a human being of character, it is always an exciting event, so what do I expect? I honestly think my generation is mostly dimwits and devoid of common courtesy and understanding of the rights of others. Many of them have spawned even more vile beings than themselves.

I know it sounds like I am being harsh, but I've found it is not only I who have experienced maybe one out of twenty self declared friends who would lift a finger when it mattered to you, and one out of fifty who would do so if it in any way was an inconvenience. It is the nature of our peers.

My only worry now is that the actuator which moves the wooden gate is so well fastened that they might destroy it next time if they go about things the same way. It is not a lightweight piece of hardware. The thing is substantial. We'll see. I charged about triple because it was an emergency call and I was on my way home. The house manager was all about paying me a premium for my prompt attention to the situation. For that I am grateful.

I should remain grateful for the work but, I have to say, I am getting a little bored and feel like I am stagnating. Time to create what has not been created. What would that be? Maybe a start would be an organized domicile.

So, from my limited experience, I have to give bureaucrats' kids two thumbs down. One star out of five. A 1, on a scale of 1 to 10---10 being best.

Who Knew?

I had no idea that, for some reason, certain comments were stashed in a place waiting for me to approve them. Blogger calls that moderation. Since I rarely do anything in moderation, I had no idea that thing was there.

Too bad there were only three comments and on posts I forgot I wrote. The up side is that I often don't recall entries as recent as a few days back. Especially when I'm in one those periods where I post lots of entries in a short time.

Of course all the comments were very positive, noting that I am an unsung genius and a man far ahead of his time, and that my genius is only exceeded by my courage and good character.

I'll have to check the moderation bucket more often.

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