Thursday, May 15, 2014

If You Can't Take The Heat, Exit the Kitchen

These last few days have me thinking.   This entire area is highly flammable.   Yet it seems as if the preventative measures are still more reactive than proactive.   I know they are highly limited in what can be cut back where I live.  It seems to be a huge community which endangers itself in order to satisfy random environmental whims, and boondoggle crony capital ventures.

If nothing is going to change I am wondering if I can stay.  The trouble is, of the states that have no income tax, I'm not sure if I can cope with the weather--either hot cold/and/or highly humid.

Having my doubts about this burning itching attack thing.  There are expensive tests that can rule out some possible causes--none of them particularly good news.  So, on the good side, if such tests come back negative, I don't have to travel that crazy road.  But then they rarely find the cause, so chances are it becomes one of those, "learn to live with it" deals, and coping strategies continue.  I've learned some tricks, but this limits me quite a bit.  I'll bet there's a way to fix this.  Of course there is; just have to figure it out.   People often never figure thing out.  Doesn't mean there is no actual answer.  Ignorance is not proof or disproof.

This is an hour north of me, but not that far inland.  They think 8 of the 9 fires, may be arson.  The total is probably around 12 or 13 fires.  Some were put out very quickly.   The response has been rather impressive with many fire departments traveling from afar, and cooperation has been atypical for government agencies here in SoCal.  It is sick, 100F degree temps.  55mph wind.   2%!!!! humidity.  Who does that?  I grew up where 30% relative humidity was radically low.

That is how it goes.  The main hope is that I find a way on my own to change this game.  Otherwise it is forever just treating symptoms, avoiding water, too much exercise and all other triggers.

I'll bet it works out.  The specialist only confirmed what I thought, and thinks it ties into things I've experienced on and off for nearly thirty years.  It is just that the dam must have burst in the last few months.

Some have claimed that rebooting their diet got rid of similar symptoms after awhile.  An extended program of vegetable and fruit juices.  What have I got to lose?

Oh, if I find a need, and a way, to move, I figure I'll need a place with minimal redtape in obtaining permission to exist.  We've become a nation in which citizens exist by permissions.  People do not get it.   Many do not realize the Bill of Rights is not a list of permissions granted to the people.  Because they do not understand what is a right.

I have to be careful.  Feeling like this and being homeless would most likely be fatal.  So, we will play the game, against my better judgement and moral code.  I am selling out to some degree.  As little as possible, but I cannot fight how things are, wrong as it is.   Just look at the kind of freaks California elects to office.  It is probably worse on the state level than federal, if that is possible.

If I can afford to live legally, I may stay awhile.  But unless I make more money, it is inevitable that I'll have to hit the road sooner or later.

This fire thing is absolutely nuts. Camp Pendleton catches fire regularly, it seems; two, three times per year.  It smacks of same thing over and over, and no changes made.   I'll do the things I need to do to be  prepared to move if I choose to.  Maybe I'll make enough money to deal with CA.  For now, I no english, or any other language.  No comprendo.  No read. No speak it.
This was taken from inside a Marine chopper that is about to drop water on the fire in San Marcos, below

Is Nebraska at War?

Probably at war with Alameda CA sheriff's department
I think Alameda County is vulnerable to having the escape doors and hatches welded shut.   Make them chase you around until they run out of fuel, and then leave them there.  This vehicle is trying too hard.  My money's on Nebraska to win this one.

But if you throw in the Richland County, SC sheriff's department, I'm not so sure Nebraska will prevail.
It looks as if these guys force you to listen to whatever the guy in the tie is selling.  And then it is either buy or die.  He makes lots of sales that way.

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