Sunday, March 22, 2009

Go Memphis

That's right, I, the ultimate despiser of Memphis and the "Mid South", one for whom basketball normally holds no appeal whatsoever, am morally supporting Memphis to win the college hooplah madness. For one thing, Memphis is a school which doesn't have to cheat for their players academically. The other students are equally illiterate and dimwitted on average. Other schools have to pretend that their athletes are up to snuff academically. They are big cheaters. Not Memphis. They do it fair and square.

And their coach actually has some true affection and sense of caring. It means a lot to him that his players remain out of jail and don't commit or get caught committing any major crimes.

In a Perfect World

I decided it was drivel and deleted.

All Better

There is always that tendency to think if I just just find the missing piece of the puzzle, things would be all better. That is a mentality to be avoided. There is no all better. Things just are, and either some benefit can be seen in that or not.

I decided the rest was tediously expressed nonsense so I deleted it.

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