Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Look, I Really Played into a Microphone

Just for the sake of vanity, I guess, I thought I'd post a picture from that gig in the canyon a few weeks ago. (And to prove I actually was in front of a mic) It is the one that only groups and solo musicians attended. So many people played that only 2 tunes per act were permitted, except us. They had us play four. Partly because we played relatively early in the line up, but also because they asked us for more. There were some later groups that sounded really good. We just happened to play better than ever before that day.

So, someone took pictures and among them was this one. I look like I'm in disguise so it is OK.

So many things to address, I don't know where to start. It is hard not to address the big picture and the rapid move toward fascism but I'll wait until more strata of the population begin to feel the pinch. As it is, too many are not affected so it only sounds like rebellious nonsense to them.

There are times when I still yearn for a roadtrip, but I promised myself not to go it alone unless I gave it more time and had given up ever traveling other than solo. I made that inward vow while at the Grand Canyon on last year's big adventure. It was a Big Adventure, too, but I wasn't looking for my bike and I did not dance on the bar to Tequila. Pee Wee Herman really got a bad deal. I think it was a shame and I have far more contempt for the cop involved and the people who probably set the whole thing up.
But I was crying for Martha to be acquitted and, later, freed. Kennedy, I had less sympathy for. After all he lied and his first instinct was to cover his ass, not worry about drowning a girl.

What happens when these people visit the places where I work, is that I can't work until they leave. I miss it. They aren't there that much and when certain people visit, they break things you would never guess, and no one knows how they do it. That is good because it often means work=$ for me. And the setting is idyllic.

Please remind me not to get complacent because I have to push some other independent efforts forward and make more money so I can spend it all on those who might enjoy it. Besides, any cushion against bad times is quite useful to have. Got to keep the roof over head and such. Few places are around for this kind of rent, and certainly not as nice or with such a view.
I need reminding that this is not a typical monthly income requirement I live.

That's OK. Not to stress, but don't let me forget.

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