Thursday, October 22, 2009

I've Been Thinking

This is a good thing; I think, therefore I am, which is better than I ain’t. Often the trouble begins when I think many thoughts almost simultaneously. I am of the belief that true multi-tasking is a myth. Like a computer, you can really only process a thing at a time, but it seems like you can do many things at once because of the quick toggle between tasks. Most self proclaimed multi taskers are like cops and reporters, they do not pick up on the details with anything resembling accuracy. About 77% retention in the best case.

OK, I’m sure some will find that a point of contention. That’s OK. Being wrong is an inalienable right. These days it is pretty much law.

Among other things, I’m wondering if Paul had to do sexual favors in order to keep his long standing Letterman gig.

I think I will cover the tune “On the Road Again”(?) by Canned Heat, if I’m not mistaken. It was playing at my favorite gas station, and I thought I could do it with this group, and do it my way. Knowing I could cover the harp parts three times over and more doesn’t hurt. I would do the vocal more natural to me but not likely do an operatic version. I can see a bluesier, semi Morrisonesque take on it. Trust me, if I could pull it off the way I hear it in my mind, it wouldn’t be an embarrassment. Otherwise, it very well could be.

People are so quick to find villains for their woes that it is creating a very strange sort of witch hunt atmosphere. More than usual I think. The MO is attack the person, an industry, the rich, the poor, any person or group; ridicule and demonize, but don’t actually reason and debate the issue. Most of the issues, by my way of thinking, have no business on the table anyway, in the context of political or governmental action. If I really believed the climate was changing due to man made products and their use, I’d feel better about leaving the solution to the creativity of free individuals and institutions than to the same people who brought us drawn out, limited wars and made producing your own electricity illegal only a couple of decades ago. Not to mention all the other wonderful ills they’ve foisted on the country; IRS, etc.

I can’t say I am sure I agree with some of the current dissenters on many things. I do agree that the current congress and administration are way over the line in almost everything they touch. Few people on either side see the principles in the same light I do. I advise against cooking or even making coffee naked, however, in your own home, do as you like. I advise against abortion, in most cases, but I disagree with making it a matter of law. Some things that others do which you don’t like should just be left to cultural pressures or whatever, but in the end, leave the law out of it. It used to be a joke that they would start dictating diet, and now, holy smoke, they are all over it. Freedom does not mean you run amok and rape and pillage and do every crazy thing imaginable. Having the right to do things differently in a private life has got to be preserved. This forced conformity and worship of the collective, or the community is purely the road to a slave state, like Brave New World, Anthem, or 1984. Those are books written some time ago which ring eerily relevant to our current public “discussions” and laws.

Where can you go to live with less red tape and nonsense? I guess you have to find a hollow tree in a bear infested forest with few park rangers. Tough thing if you actually like people, just don’t like involuntary servitude and minding everyone else’s business.

It’s the politics of resentment. I heard that extended and intense resentments were unhealthy physically as well as mentally. They can cause your body to decay or something. Fostering and feeding resentments should not be applauded. That is what is happening, and it is done by avoiding full disclosure and facts. Problems should be fixed, when they are yours to fix, but that is not what any of this is about. Most people did not know that we had a health care crisis until we heard it a thousand times a day. A combination of factors developed over the years which give fuel to the crisis assertion, but most of those involved the same people and institutions which now insist on fixing it. Legislators and lawyers in league with those who don’t mind using government to gain unearned market advantage.

Nothing works well without a relatively moral populace. A totalitarian, all powerful government never works well. Not if you consider all people to have the right to life liberty and pursuit of happiness. That implies a bit of individual autonomy and freedom of choice. Right to earn and own property is in there too. That is not the same as the right to have things; like I have a right to a house and car you pay for, etc. You ought to have the right to buy a house, and the right to find some way to earn the bucks to pay for it. Not everyone gets what that means.

I wonder if I would be considered among the enemies of the White House if I had a louder voice. It would be cool to make the modern day enemies list; those who dare to disagree with whatever these megalomaniacs plan to take over next. Maybe there will be an Enemies Czar appointed soon. Oh, I guess they already have Rahm.

I was wondering, because one of my clients is an investor in an electric car company, Tesla I think, what is involved in the manufacture of the batteries and such, and does it involve less of what is considered bad for dear old earth than a regular car? I don’t know, in the long run, how that figures. I think the curly light bulbs are great, if you get them cheap, but environmentally, they are a nightmare. Anyone I like the Tesla car a lot. I hate that they got federal money and that good new things get all dressed up in the green religious zeal. It demeans their real value. I can hear someone saying “How so?”. Not going to explain, but I stand by it. Prius is actually a cool vehicle, too. If only the damned political statements which are largely bogus or half truths, at best, didn’t get tied to these things. The new religion is showing signs of using 21st century versions of Inquisition tactics. And Muslim women in Somalia are getting felt up at gunpoint to be sure they aren’t wearing forbidden undergarments. Got to wonder what the hell is going on. Religion of peace, and religion of self righteous busy bodies, selectively counting carbon footprints. Those are the big bananas in modern superstitious zeal.

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