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Politically Incorrect, Insensitive, and a bit Resentful if not hateful

In my line of work, one drives a lot.  My line of work is living in the sticks and driving ten miles to the closest store. And driving just because it is irresistible and wonderful countryside around here.

Often, my travels carry me on the freeway and beyond toward the urban madness.  These forays reveal much about the small mindedness and incompetence of an alarming number of motorists.

It is my nature to categorize and profile.  It helps me to avoid trouble and difficulty. Lessons from experience.

Patterns emerge, and they are very hard to deny since you can see them for yourself, plain as day.
Personally, I used to like it when people were from other lands and cultures.  It was interesting.  I was the kid defending the foreigner from other kids in the neighborhood or school because that is just how I was.

No more.  And the reason is because people out of God only knows where pop up and start making demands, decrying the gringo and white devil, and it is incessant madness.   Show up and demand services, jobs, food, school, etc.  Try this in any other country.  Seriously, it is not so easy.  Otherwise I might be elsewhere. But nowhere is all that free of Big Brother and Nanny, as far as I know.

I also realize that most of my current peers have never lived in really "diverse" areas--meaning areas peopled by those deemed minorities due to race, ethnicity, etc.  Condition of birth.  If they had lived in such areas they would know that the more heavily diverse, the crazier the driving.

Prove me wrong.  Not saying whitey isn't a prick.  Just saying places with huge 3rd world or ghetto populations don't know rules of the road, are not courteous, in general, and have no turn signals.  Very wealthy entitled elites do not enjoy turn signals either.

Ever drive in Miami?  Then check out the highway around Boise.

Go to Memphis and tell me those people have a clue.  I thought I'd come home to a race riot one New Year's eve because of how insane, and apparently hostile, the drivers were on I-40.  But it was just Memphis. Running up on bumpers at 80mph, right lane for passing.  Swerving three lanes to make the exit, despite traffic.  General chaos, stupidity, hostility, and more pure ignorance.

In Memphis only one out of twenty people know which is the passing lane, anyway.  I am pretty sure they get federal money for having so many complete idiots in one county.  The least sought after option package on cars is the turn signal group.  The have that in common with the elites and trophies of Del Mar and La Jolla.

Here's the deal in California.  You can have the Association of Asian Woman Anesthesiologists, but you can't separate them out and say, why do they drive like such total oblivious idiots?  However they can segregate themselves, discriminating against others.  That goes for most legal minorities.

You cannot, however, have a white women's professional group without big trouble.  But the kicker is, most white people do not want to get all wrapped up in race. They are the folks who ended slavery, and most of them are not really that into ethnic exclusion.

We still have elitist, back-handed racists like Biden, but overall, whites are the least racist ethnicity in present day America. But they also have a high self-hatred index.  As a result, as a group, we are gaining on the others in the area of pure ignorance and false beliefs.  Soon, all will be equally qualified to call themselves imbeciles.

Either way, we put distance between the Asian woman who is sitting too low to see over the steering wheel, going 50mph, with half the car on either side of the dotted line, and ourselves.  Call me a bigot.  And you progressives don't profile Republicans?  I'm not one, but you do go over the top about them, often erroneously.   The corrupt love to harp on the corrupt---the other corrupt ones.

 Elitists get ticked whenever people don't thank them for their oversight of our lives.  Focking amazing.

The Dodge truck will tailgate, and pass on the right. Guts, Glory, Dodge--marketing to wannabe badasses and full blown rednecks.  Nice trucks, but the marketing works.  So we look for distance between ourselves and the Dodge.  It is only one in ten of these nice trucks that goes to someone whose ego is not seriously troubled, and whose brain and such is not sub standard.  Compensatory issues.

It's a generality which holds up. That does not mean there aren't exceptions and those who don't fit the marketing.  Nice truck, but like beemers, they draw far more than their share of self important pricks.

With dodge it is redneck bullies and dolts.  Beemers draw elitists and entitled bastards and their trophies.  Nice vehicles in both cases. But, like the rainbow, these brands have been hijacked.

My own car is unofficially the official car for lesbian naturalists, and koolaid drinking environmentalists and progressives.  I am not those things, however I had hoped to try lesbianism before I die.

Young women in Honda civics.  If you need to move over a lane, and it is tight, but there is room, they will gun it when you put the signal on.

Why? Brainwashed and not bright enough to know they do not know.  It is a sexist thing on their part.  Want to prove they can be jerks just like the guys.  It is a pattern though.  I've seen some that would rather have an accident than let you in.  I liked the old days when females were above acting base and petty.  There again, perhaps the white male devil pricks made it happen.  The Bidens, Kennedys, and Boehners of the world.

So, we try to trick the young lady Hondas into gunning it to cut us off, then we slide in behind them.
I am woman, hear me roar while I run you over.

Baja plates?  No problem.  They'll be doing 60 in the fast lane on the freeway, and the only response to choas caused around them is to slow down, except right when you are passing.  Then they speed up.

In NC it is considered a sort of loss to let a white person pass you on the freeway without a fight, if you are Black.  You must speed up as they pass, even on two lane roads.  Otherwise it is like allowing abuse.  Or something.
After you speed up ten to fifteen miles an hour, it is OK to let the devil go on around.  But only after speeding up and making the euro-american earn it. Just how it is.  But we should pretend not.

Nevada?  They are not very good drivers and are ruder than most on the road.  Nasty folks.

It is a legitimate study which would get me thrown in jail if I followed it through at a university.  The patterns are unmistakeable.

Just like it is abundantly clear that more street thugs who cause senseless violence tend to look like street thugs than not.  They tend to resemble one another in dress and demeanor.

There is a uniform.  Lots of people emulate it and then wonder why anyone thinks they are punks.  Because that is how punks and thugs look, carry themselves, talk, and interact.  MORONS.

But no.  Obama's fictitious son who got shot by neighborhood watch, and isn't allowed to play football, looks like a thug, so any suggestion that profiling of that sort to keep one's self safe is of value, now becomes ignorant hateful racism.

What bullshit.   Even blacks avoid blacks who have the look of troublemaker.  Everyone avoiding trouble does that regardless of race or much else.   If whites are in thug uniform and carrying on the attitude and body language, I avoid. Profiling!!! Winning!!

People who have always lived in the majority do not get it.  They are being suckered and fooled.
I've lived in cities where white was not the majority.  Cities, more than one.

Here is what is the common denominator.  A city in America which is majority Black or Hispanic will be highly discriminatory in every area of power and commerce.

They will openly show favoritism for their own ethnicity while showing open hostility toward yours.  Something you rarely see any more in whiter cities.  But racism is encouraged and considered noble if the racist is not white.  And they call you racist if you notice.

Elitists and those who visit their own self loathing on others of their race will encourage black racism, female sexism, hispanic racism.  Hispanic is a made up word.  It covers two continents and a large number of very different countries.

 But they do the same thing with white, although I never quite got all the hair splitting about what defines that non-scientific racial definition.  I've got nothing in common with the Jersey Shore type of creeps, let alone much of eastern europe.  In Sharpton terms, perhaps they are not really white if they don't agree with me.  They are sellouts.  Or I am.

But I'm the racist because I've seen the stats and lived a little.  Self hating morons, and self serving charlatans will help promote the absurd story that black youth are being gunned down right and left.

Take a good hard honest look at who is really being gunned down and by whom.  We can't do that.  The answer won't justify the agitators' power grab.   Statistics are out there, but boy does someone try to make it tough to get the straight numbers.

Don't get me wrong, I think the percentage of vile punk bullies on most police forces is extremely high.   And I have probably been stopped and questioned more than Obama ever was.  He is clearly lying about that.  I was detained in a diner on suspicion of bank robbery.  I was detained while walking in two or three different cities because I liked to walk late at night. I was depressed.

I was pulled over more times in Miami during the late 8-0s and early 90s than I can remember.  For nothing.  They made up reasons after the fact.  If I were black, after all the false narrative in the media, I'd be sure all the stops were because I was black, except the one for a broken taillight lense when the black female cop started to draw her weapon because I was taking too long to read the citation before signing.

Denying truth is of not use in this scenario.  Denying the corruption and cruelty of the good ol' boy network in many places is no less vile than denying the fact that ethnicity politics, and minority drivers generally suck.
I pretty much don't think any group is smart.  Often I don't like everyone. But ethnicity is not the why of it.  It is behavior and philosophy.

If you believe that you have to think x, and act in a prescribed manner, or you aren't white enough or black enough, or gender confused enough, or whatever, you are, sadly, a malleable fool begging for a master to lead you.  You are a pain in the ass and a big part of what is screwing up life here on earth--something which ought to be magnificent and good.

The more people lump into groups the dumber and more vicious and cruel they become, too.  That is why I hate mobs and big crowds of demonstrators stopping traffic etc.  Mindless fools so thrilled at the sense of belonging will do absolutely anything the crowd seems to want. Kill, rape, maim, burn, steal, vandalize, you name it.  Mobs are like giving an angry, total idiot every nasty weapon in the arsenal.

Another 20th century lie repeated so often it became true--that demonstrations are peaceful even when they harass people, stop traffic, terrorize families, and do anything short of a military attack.  Peaceful demonstration.  They demonstrate what mindless herd animals we can be. That is what is demonstrated.

I guess unless you hang and work with certain groups, you do not realize how heavily steeped in proud ignorance they are, or how hostile they are to other races.   It really is the redneck culture, which truthfully knows no color boundaries.  Rural, southern, bigoted, racist redneck culture is almost identical to gangsta ghetto culture.

But whatever you do, pretend it isn't so.  Otherwise you could end up sharing a cell with that kid who baked brownies, and the one who bit his poptart into the shape of a pistol.

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