Sunday, June 21, 2015

I Must Be Rife With Buttons

Too frequently, on Facebook and elsewhere, something gets my attention because it hits a button that sets me off on a rant.  The trick is to not give in and actually comment.  But I do, and then I am embroiled in my least favorite activity--arguing with progressives who pretend academic superiority. Growing up, that was my brother.,  I felt he was cowardly and I just wanted to punch him for his obnoxious ridicule, pulling obscure, yet unimportant facts out, then taunting me for not knowing.

Always those factoids begged the question at hand. It was a propaganda technique.  I see it everywhere on FB and in progressive propaganda designed to ridicule anyone who even thinks of not obediently going along with the accepted line.

I have got to quit commenting. I cannot change a mind, and I hate to argue with a passion.  It brings out that desire to punch someone in the nose.  Not because I am not able to reason, but because I cannot stand the smug obnoxious attitude and the irrelevant little bits of nonsense sold as intelligence.  It reminds me of my youth and makes me angry.

I am just shocked at the lengths to which people will go in their rationalizing and creating straw arguments, whatever it takes to deed their desire to see others stomped by the boot of authority, while pretending to be above the fray and only seeking justice and the greater good.  BS.  They love the idea that they can be on the side which uses government to put the other side in its place.  It is unearned power, pure and simple.  And they love it.  Especially the academic variety who want desperately to be superior.
But, even by their own tests and standards, they have nothing on someone like me, and that really annoys them.  They scoff.  I just don't get it, is what they think.  They are right. I do not get it.  I think they are very bright but are too prideful to recheck premises in depth.  The live and lie on half-truths.

I tell myself I will not make a single comment on anything political, then two separate progressives put up a video of an australian comedian taking gun control and using false premise and half truth to ridicule the USA the Constitution and anyone who draws some connection between the two or sees the value of either.  More or less, that is the effect.

Of course the self appointed genius socialists on a mission comment that he is all truth, blablabla.  What kind of person trusts Joe Biden or Nancy Pelosi with weapons more than they trust their neighbors?  Maybe they live near the hood where everyone is lovely, just misunderstood.

I trust random strangers who are not in government more than I trust random officials from agencies I would abolish if I could.  Also, I am aware that news and social media make it seem like there is more crime and more shootings than ever before.  Not true.  We are being barraged by invented problems and then beseeched by the feigned panic of those same officials seeking more power because "we have to DO something!!!!"

Please, let me not respond in the future.  amen

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