Monday, April 15, 2013

I May Be Related to Forrest Gump or Leonard Zelig

It seems I often wind up in circumstances as if I'm just wandering around through life happening upon various, seemingly unrelated places and events.  There is no real rhyme or reason for most of it.

Sometimes it all works out, but I am left as baffled by the result as I am pleased.  I guess this usually involves some sort of social situation.  Like the wedding this weekend.

Having no idea what to expect, except that I might be cast in the role of roving diplomat should any of the potential conflicts gain ground, I enjoyed the opportunity to attend without any preconceived expectations.

I had no idea there would be more than maybe fifty people.  There were 165, and they all seemed to genuinely care about the bride and groom.  That was very cool.

They had a dinner/reception after the wedding.  All the tables had the guests names, so you knew where to sit.  There was a big list in the lobby that listed the tables and names of the people at each.

The bride and groom had a small table with just them.  Then there was table number 1.  It turns out that was the hotshot table with mother of the bride, her husband, and I guess ten more people.

They'd determined dietary bias ahead of time, so some had chicken or some such, some steak, and a few a vegetarian Italian dinner.  It was all good.

Much to my surprise, I was at table #1.

Soon enough the dancing began.  I think the wine, beer, and more spirited spirits were flowing from the minute the ceremony was over.  Some guy was playing DJ, I guess.  For the most part, not any music that made me want to dance anymore than an engine idling with a rod knock gives me happy feet.

However, when he played a couple of catchy Santana tunes, I temporarily let loose of my inner lunatic. Then all those wild married women wanted me to dance.  What a pain.  Married women, your job is to herd single women who meet my specs my way, lie about my good character and reliability, and generally help me work my schemes.

Don't wait until someone who is, bless her heart, in no way attractive to me wanders by to make a big deal about the fact I'm single.  If I felt that desperate I'd just go to the mail order store; find me a wonderful East European.  Right there in black and white they promise to be wonderful wives.  I'm sure there is no risk involved.

Anyway.  It was great.  Never did I expect it to be such a good time.  For various reasons a few things could have been rather awkward.  It is due to the parents of the bride that all remained harmonious.  They are very good at not letting their egos get the better of them when wisdom suggests restraint.

There were several people from Florida, some of whom I know.  That was fun.  While all the wedding party and out of towners stayed at the hotel/resort complex, I went to Point Loma to dog sit for a dog who may weigh as much as me.  And he's not fat.  A great pyranese. Maybe that is how you spell it.  Very pleasant and gentle animal.  Fluffy white fur.  In the old days, they lived with the sheep and killed wolves.  Wild.

So, I had a view overlooking the bay, with downtown San Diego skyline straight across on the other side.   It is about as nice as you can find for a picturesque city view.

Then it was back to wedding land for brunch.  Then loading up all kinds of wedding and party props, cases of wine, etc. to take back to the house with the view.

It is so strange that I have this unique place in that family, and even their friends expect me to be around for these things.  I guess they are my friends as well, some of them.

I left feeling a little bit better about myself than I did going in.  It show developmental retardation but I have a little trouble in that regard.  Lots of people are kind and tend to give me special treatment, I think.

I did realize, that while I tend to take in more of the subtleties and various things going on in a group setting like that, there are a lot of things about human interaction that eludes me.  I probably compensate well, but compensate, I do.  It made all the difference that I was able to take care of a few things during the event which helped out.  Prevents one from getting bored or isolating too much.

I was certainly in the thick of it much of time.

Anyway, if Mrs Me ever shows up, I'm still inclined to just go to the courthouse--if she has to have the friggin paper.  I'm hoping she's not wanting a big wedding.  By big, I mean more than maybe one guest, if that.   But, if I'm smitten, I guess I'd end up doing whatever she wanted, because that is pretty much how it goes.  And I'm good with that.  Women have broadened my horizons more than anyone, nudging me out of my comfort zone now and then.   They alway seem to be very sure they know what they are doing. It takes awhile for the truth to surface.

I'm still amazed at how much fun people were having, and how well the whole thing was managed.

Next stop: Los Lonely Boys on the 28th.  A lady I work with is a fan so both of us will go.  Don't call it a date. I don't.  That would be problematic in many ways.   We're pretty good friends.  I think.

I figured since I never go see any groups, mostly because I don't like crowds much, and few bands inspire me a whole lot, I should do this while I have the chance.  It is at one of the casinos a couple of hours north of here.  Out west it seems that a couple of hours away is just no big deal.

I'd rather see LLB than groups that charge five times more for tickets.

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