Monday, December 15, 2014

ObablablaInsurance etc.

So, I've been doing pay as I go, and the medicos I encounter know this.  They've cut me some breaks yet have put off possibly time sensitive investigations due to the possible escalation of expense.  Probable cause and treatment for the condition of being me is somewhat narrowed down at this point.

Here's the deal; after investigating the life affecting annoyances of "intractable itching" attacks, and the inner, outer, emotional, physical, spiritual characteristics attendant to this malady, I decided it is worth pursuing treatment.  I don't think an actual cure exists.  However, in my case, things could be OK, just "managed".  "Managed" is a word that means prohibitively expensive.  Hence this whole healthcare insurance scam and bamboozle.

We went from flim flammed to bamboozled.  People seemed to think bamboozle would be an improvement.  OK.  Whatever.

I'm shamefully going to let the people of California take on my burdens.  Why would I do that?  Because they insist.  Do or die.  Buy or die.  We're here to help.  Play along or be punished.

I gave up.  Sort of.

Two reasons as near as I can tell.  One: I am no longer thinking an early exit is the best thing and inevitable.  I think life is worth it even when it isn't--to a point.

And, secondly, I always found Don Quixote a profoundly depressing character and idea.  Fighting it is like US senators wringing hands and apologizing to the truly brutal segment of the world because they put prisoners through what they put many special forces, and all fighter pilots through in the course of training--waterboarding etc.  It is just a way of asking, begging, for trouble.  It is masochistic and self defeating.

Besides, my house has to get cleaned up before I can entertain any maladies of a debilitating nature.  It will be easier to deal with blood and guts and glory than this mass of clutter.

Oh yay!  Just got a call back from Insurance Lady, a friend from a few years back.  It never quite got anywhere for various reasons beyond anyone's control.   The good news is that no one is as on top of this Bama shite as she is.  And the Californicated system.  Turns out I needed to make a little more money, rather than less, in order to qualify for the plan I am needing.  So, my estimate was reconsidered and low and behold, I believe I'll make about 3k more than originally thought.

The state lady did not let me know about that.  So, I even paid my 125.00 so if they take my money they better provide.  And starting first week in January I hope to get this thing rolling.  Obviously that's a price which includes you wonderful other people bailing my under achieving ass out.   Thank you.  It wasn't my idea.

I'm so sure I think I know what ails me that I am curious to see if it gets proved.  I'm a great trouble shooter.

We have tons of gigs or "showcases" coming up.  Showcases mean you are in with the people who get stuff done.  Those people got us the House of Blues gig.

I hope I get something mailed out for Christmas.  In any case, the fortunate things coming my way in this medical thing through friends and others is amazing.  All top notch people.  I was even the subject of a special case study and that was like thousands of dollars of exams for free.  I'm a little miffed that no one played with my junk.  Geez.
Long story short;  oh no, I forgot!  Oh that's right, I am not an insurance outlaw.  I probably can make it through most roadblocks, if I try.  

I'd go into why people are messing up, but it would not be worth it.

This lady (singer) I'm backing up, is landing little gigs all over the place.  I feel like a slacker, although it was my friend whose friend got us our last gig, at the Stadium Club.  I think it was a success.  Bars are strange if you don't hang out in them much.  People always seem a little thick and like they are your best pal right now, but in the blink of an eye they could switch to hostile.

It's not a drinking band.  I have never seen being drunk improve musicianship.  Some claim to have witnessed such a thing.  I never have.


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