Friday, March 4, 2011

Unintuitive iMind

My isense seems to be lacking. I forgot how to burn dvd that will play on normal dvd player for a tv. I've done it before. I have a dvd of the trip from Amarillo to Taos. And others too. How did I do that?

Mac has an iDVD application but it wants to do all this other stuff to it. I tried to use that to make some avi files and mp4 files work. It is supposed to convert those files in its iway to something that plays on almost anything. After it processed for close to an hour it hit a point toward the end where it said it was sorry but an error of some kind occurred so it didn't work. I tried three different times in different ways.

I also did the straight burn thing but thAt only plays on my computer as near as I can tell. It didn't work on a friend's mac.

How am I going to be a film maker if I don't learn?

The movie program only seems to want to do stuff that you would put on the web or play on computer. I know there are ways to do this, but I am not catching it.

I thought the mac site would be helpful. It is merely a more smiley version of microsoft's less than helpful sites. Unless I want to buy the latest version of what I have, it is a bust. Even then it doesn't tell me what I want to know. I have no trouble editing video etc. But once it is done, getting it in the form and place I want is where I am stuck.

Being a moron is not the walk in the park you might think.

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