Monday, December 19, 2011

Fighting Climate Change

Another early start today because I heard that high winds and probable blizzard conditions would hit Amarillo and part of Oklahoma starting at noon. So, I left very early before the sun was up--but I did not see the sun all day, so who knows.

Leaving the Albuquerque area, it looked hopeless. Snow and sleet was blowing so it was coming at me in a straight line rather than down like it is supposed to. It was foggy and cold as well.

I guess the trucks with salt or whatever they put on the road had been there just ahead of me on 40. I saw different ones taking exits in front of me. I think they even plowed a place or two.

It was a little dicey but fun. After awhile the winter stuff gave way to constant rain. It was like that all the way to Arakansas, with a ceiling of maybe 150 feet. Really. I passed a couple of those modern windmills--the stuff of windfarms and bird death--and you could not see the top blade for the clouds. It was a day of low visibility but since people in this part of the country are nuts I drove 70 to 80 miles per hour anyway, most of the time.

Too tired to comment much on the points of interest, but couldn't see too many of them. It made for a great ride. No time to get bored. I guess I like this sort of thing. I believe I covered more miles than yesterday, and as it proves out, it may be that gps lady did not lead me too far astray. Yesterdays scenery was well worth the mystery of where I was or whether I'd ever again see civilization. Highway 60 is a trip worth taking in AZ and part of New Mex.

The radio was saying not to travel or go out if you didn't have to. Once I got close to Amarillo, I was ahead of things enough that the rain quit changing to sleet and snow and the temp was above freezing so the threat of ice was no concern. Just wind and water and driving blind.

They were right, these Pirelli tires are good in wet weather. The time and miles flew by. I must have been in another dimension. I was never sleepy so I don't think I napped. But where did the time go? Must be true that it flies when you are having fun.

Only 200 and some miles to Memphis. Over 750 miles today. That is not a thing I would have planned or promised. So I arrive a day early.

My car is cleaner and shinier than it has been ever. Driving fast in hours and hours of rain will do wonders.

That's how you fight climate change--you haul ass down the road to a place where it is less threatening to your plans.

PS: by the way, I don't care if you think the globe is warming or going into an ice age--you are not going to change it, and I am highy skeptical of the notion that you or any other human has caused it. Whatever It is.
I know, what about the polar bears? So, where were you when T-Rex bit the dust? Huh? How about the buggy whip?

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