Friday, January 9, 2009

Fish and Bears ARE NOT People, Too; edited and improved

My comment at Scribbler's was longer than it should be, but the latest cause PETA is championing floored me.
You can see his post on the subject and chase the link to the PETA site that suggests fish tell their young bedtime stories, and that they enjoy being petted like fluffy little kittens.

Here's the deal. Nature is literally a dog eat dog world. Especially friggin fish. I have hardly fished at all, but even I have witnessed a fish getting hooked then getting eaten by a bigger fish as it was being reeled in.

Anyway. I can choose to eat meat or fish or birds or not. That is a diet choice. Fine. But to think that all would be well and peaceful in the animal world if everyone avoided shooting them, farming, fishing, or making shoes, is total stupidity. Part of that stupidity comes from the belief that the ecosystem, and universe in general is a static balanced thing. With or without us, it changes. One species wipes out others, new ones emerge, landscapes are changed by animals plants and climate. Climate changes and none of it lasts forever. It is never ever really in balance. Trying to balance it artificially usually causes more long term problem than it solves. It is not a crime for humans or any other creature to make use of resources to further their own health, quality of life and survival. Everything does it to one degree or another.

I'm not defending stupidity or short sightedness in the realm of resource use, but I am saying the logic has gone way out into the LSD-like delusions of the insane. Not valid or true reasoning. Faulty logic. It is not criminal to plant a tree or chop one down, to use toilet paper, oil, coal, or uranium. It may be inadvisable to use them all at once in the same place at the same time, who knows.. Not criminal to shoot Bambi or catch Charlie the tuna. It is self defeating to wipe out all the Bambis and Charlies. It is also self defeating to subjugate our own species for others under such logic as , this country really belongs to the coyotes, or the bears have more right to this woods than do humans. No. I'm sorry. I don't buy it.

It used to be the issue was whether people valued themselves enough to believe in freedom. Obviously not. Now do they value their species enough not to drop down a rung or two on the food chain? Hell, some people would put us beneath plants. If you hate people so much, look in the mirror. You are a people, therefore you must die. A better world starts with YOU, if you get my drift.

The point is that people who hate their own because it makes them feel superior have invented causes and convinced half the country that the human race has no right to live on this planet. These angry little urchins can then select various units way down the food chain, claim to speak for them, then do violence and mischief to their own as if they have an excuse. The real motive is to get away with hating and having fits which are rooted in mental illness rather than dealing with the ailment.

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