Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

I'm no fan of the commercialization of these events, like father's day, mother's day, valentine's, christmas, to the point that the joy of things gets lost in a sea of stress over being able to throw the right amount of money at the thing, and do it in the right way. It does generally come down to money and acceptance.

If you have the bucks, your odds of having the opportunity to spend it on some dame are much higher; chances of being accepted are greater if you have plenty money, politically correct or not. It is simply fact. Anyone can look around and know this. It is in many ways due to our nature. It's a jungle out there. And if you are good looking and not an incredibly insufferable banshee woman, the chances are you probably will be pursued in some way, usually involving the expenditure of money to win your favor. That is how it works..

Actually it is right and natural. A woman would be out of her mind to pass up a secure situation that might include trips to the Caribbean for an empty pocketed, disorganized wanderer like myself. I am not always unselfish enough to dissuade them, but if I like them enough, I do the right thing and find ways to let them go.

I've got very little money. Maybe not enough to meet my needs in the manner to which I've become accustomed. Who knows. That makes holidays of any commercial sort the bane of my existence. I resent them, and they piss me off. Nature is harsh enough. Amplifying the issue through mass hypnosis and peer pressure is overkill and makes trouble for everyone.

Fortunately the closest thing to a valentine I have is many miles away, and a moving target, so to speak. Since I can't show up unexpectedly in a limo or some such garbage, I'm fairly safe. A note expressing feelings that only the psychotic truly feel will suffice, I am sure.

Whoever said it is a man's world was either an idiot, ultra wealthy, or a woman who was trying to perpetuate the myth that women are powerless and downtrodden. I'm convince women invented these days just to make men spend money frivolously on them. Usually it includes valuable, small, pawnable items. Hey, it may just be coincidence, or not. I'm just laying out some facts.

I've been so conditioned (and in a way, gone along with this nonsense more than most) that I backed off of things and ran away from people because I couldn't afford things like diamond rings of any quality and all that. Hell, I could hardly afford dinner at Denny's.

So, to all who make it their business to convince people they have to pay big bucks so other women don't look down on their women, screw you and blood diamonds you rode in on!!!!

Same to those who pretend that love is blind and altruistic. You should never be filling people with such ludicrous ideas. Tht kind of thing is a big lie. Now sometimes aq guy can do something that works for the girl and not be rich, so there is a bit of an offset, but it has to be something that in some way provides security pleasure, status, etc. Guys like a good looking woman who feeds their ego. She needn't have a dime to her name. That is the difference.

I must admit, though. I actually told someone that she was my Valentine. real human being, not a pet rabbit or coyote or favorite plant. This is the year for easing out of the comfort zone, that is for sure.

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