Thursday, May 28, 2015

Police State Fun

I live in a mountain community.   Maybe a hundred or so souls.  One road up and the same road down.

Apparently a trusting neighbor had a son in his early twentys who was having mental issues, and suicidal tendencies.  He was armed with a screwdriver.

The trusting neighbors called the police and the sheriffs showed up.  I guess the guy was wandering the dirt road that leads up to my place and the others.  They are all spread out.

How he managed to spook the crack crew of sheriffs and deputys, who knows.  But he did, and one of them shot him to death.

So, they decide the road is a crime scene and block off each end at about 5 something or 6 P.M.    News trucks show up.  It is wonderful.

They won't let anyone go home. Can't park at the bottom and walk up. Nothing.  I get there after dark to find I cannot go home to get my daily medicine.  They are saying it will go on until well after midnight.  Maybe all night.  They offer no solution except, "The red cross will be here in awhile".  That was at 9:15 PM.\

The guy was allegedly brandishing a screwdriver.  This is not racial, dear idiots in Baltimore and else.

Crackers with hand tools buy the farm too.

I hate the culture of governmental and police authority so bad I could not contain myself.  I say, "Look, if you are all done shooting people, why not at least let us park down here and walk up?  Oh no, it's a CRIME SCENE!!!  Those two words are supposed to say it all.  They are important,. we are not.

You know they will invent justification no matter what, so why pretend?  Their own unmarked cars were ushered on past the barricade.  Their cars won't screw up the high tech, dirt road crime scene, but someone walking home, even escorted by one of the dozens of armed government employees cannot be managed.

So, I'm too tired to do else but a motel.   The out of phase issue with the hydrea is not a good thing, but not end of the world.  I cannot believe how much I despise the thinking that fuels most government and just about all of police culture. It almost worries me.  It was all I could do when I was at the scene not to just run their barricades, run over the unhelpful cop and let them shoot me.  I guess a wacko in a rogue Subaru is at least more legitimate threat than a suicidal guy with a screw driver.

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