Monday, July 26, 2010

Consumer product review #10726 and 10726.2,:: and I was thinking

Popcorn. Jolly Time is a name you can trust.

I think that says it all. It won't stop me from expounding, though. Microwave popcorn is for people with a desire to eat flavored styrofoam. MSG, maybe DDT, and LSD. It just is not the same as Jolly Time cooked in a pan.

It takes no longer to make it the right way, anyhow. Each to his/her/its own. Jolly time is the real deal. It tastes like the real America. Pop it right and you can't lose. I give Jolly Time 2 thumbs up. The bag is re-sealable, and unlike most resealable bags, it actually works.


Those little plastic things they often use in lieu of a twist tie. They are an abomination. What is the point of that? They tear the plastic when you wrestle them off so you can get to the bread, then when you try to close the bag with them, no way they keep air moisture and dreaded diseases out. You could drive a bus in there if you were a gnat and the bus was to scale.
Whoever came up with that bright idea was only trying to shave manufacturing costs and did so at the expense of quality. I denounce that person as a rude pretender who is of the ilk that give free enterprise a bad name.

Two thumbs down for the plastic pseudo clip on the bread packaging.


Do people like Sean Penn and Oliver Stone think they would have survived had they been living in Cuba as they are here- fame fortune, money-- and that Castro and Che would not have either killed them or stripped them of their wealth when they marched in? So many of those people, the Che shirts and Hollywood elite amaze me. I do not think they see even a shred of reality. And they are rich. You don't have to have much insight in order to be wealthy. (My pep talk for the day).
So when O. Stone and gang sing the praises of Hugo Chavez and claim he's not an abuser of rights, I kind of wish they'd move to a place like that and see how long it takes to lose. All that has to happen is that their happiness no longer be a benefit to the propaganda machine, and bam, they are among the masses. They would not like that.

I still think the cutting edge in wheelchairs, as far as what normal people in need can afford, is light years behind where it should be. It is absurd that someone confined to a chair doesn't typically have the ability to rise up to cabinet level, overcome curb size bumps in terrain, etc. I know. Those who complain about technical and design issues should take the trouble to design something better. Otherwise you sound like some entitlement ingrate whiner.

If the money putting braille at drive up windows and putting ramps where no one goes had been put to designing versatile, go anywhere mobility devices, we might be ahead of the game. That's ok. This nut will be one day cracked. Maybe that guy who designed those 2 wheel scooters is still working on that. He had a chair with gyro/computer stabilizing technology, like in the Segue, and it did a lot of good things. I don't know if they ever went further--got cost down, made it more adaptable to a variety of disability types, etc. Sometimes I wonder at the priorities when it comes to infirmities. I definitely wonder about the approach. Like always it misses the real underlying issue.

I do not think I buy the argument that if we "weren't fighting them over there, we'd be fighting them over here". The MidEast is a lunatic land, with religious states and civil wars also revolving around religion. You cannot reason with that and you cannot fix that. Stability can never be had. You want to take out a group or leader--go for it--assassinate. It sounds crude but it would be less bloody and expensive than now.

We may have to deal with them over here anyway. We keep kissing up to people by not understanding that freedom of religion does not mean everyone else has to somehow contribute to you by accommodating you peculiar needs and desires. WORSHIP AND BELIEVE WHATEVER YOU WANT, as long as you are not violating my rights, my space, etc.

How would you know if you won a victory in one of those places? How can you tell? I am not sure I've heard it defined in any terms simple enough for me to grasp. I have never approved of our involvement in that part of the world. That goes back several decades. It is a sick trouble making thing, and I am not totally clear on motive other than the strategic nature of the location. I learned that playing Risk, way back when.

California Dreamin--part 724

Sometimes radio ads aren't that intelligible. I would have sworn I heard the ecited lady in the ad say, "The best thing about Burger Barn is that they use CRACk fed beef!!!".

Well, it is the land of fruits and nuts, maybe someone has been feeding crack to their cattle. Possibly it started accidentally. I imagine the drug enforcement people were winding their way up the driveway and an alert crack dealer threw the stuff in a feeding trough, the cattle ate it, he had a big cookout to celebrate 4-20 and everyone raved about the beef. An idea was born.

It makes sense. I think the main entrepreneurial opportunities in the state are drug related. Most of your employees don't care to be listed on the books and you can maintain a relatively low overhead. Normal stuff doesn't pay, and hiring people that you have to list is heavy liability.

I was thinking of that song, "If you're going to San Francisco/ be sure to wear flowers in your hair..."
It puzzled me that all the toilets I'd seen were those 6 liter/1.5 gallon jobs. Often they do not work well at all. Then I realized it was something mandated in the name of green and saving water. The trouble is that it often takes 10 flushes to do the trick.

And this is not just me, over at the political puppeteer's place there have been issues unrelated to me from time to time.

Then after I thought of that song, I thought of the beginning of an updated version:

"If you're going to California// be sure to wear a plunger in your hair"

I'm afraid to dwell on further lyrics. That is a catchy start though.

I haven't checked out this site, however this animation di recently cross my credenza, and I cannot argue with their assertions regarding what is right and wrong concerning rights.

May be a radical outfit, but the part to which I refer is philosophically straightforward, neither promotes nor targets any group. It is nice to see something purely based on principle. I'll have to see the rest of the site to know if they just suck you in then go off in directions which contradict the asserted value system.

Here's another amusing item that crossed my credenza. That credenza is like friggin Grand Central Station these days.

PS: I do think the earth's temperature is cycling, but I do not think this cycle can be changed by ceasing human activity, nor do I think human activity has significantly influenced the situation. It is like me telling you there will a lunar eclipse if you don't pay me money and do as I say. Those things come in cycles.

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