Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wax and Wane is an Uncomfortable Lifestyle

That does it. I'm certain that there is a pattern here; up and optimistic followed by lost and sure the walls will crash in at any second. Knowing it is all internally generated helps not take it too seriously, but it doesn't prevent the problem of getting nothing done or not knowing where to start.

This routine truly sucks, I tell you. Maybe massive doses of omega 3 in some form would help. No doubt it is due to too many blows to the head from an early age. Or maybe it is just what happens when one is not smart enough to know better.

What kind of idiot can turn Paradise into a prison? You are not allowed to answer "Janet Nepolitano", or similar thing. This is all speaking in terms of the personal small picture.

Another added note; Never ever get your hair cut by anyone in Alpine. I gave it another shot at another untried hair cut place. This one seemed like it might work out. It was run by women and I thought would at least be better than the biker who has never had a haircut himself. NO.

That makes maybe four attempts to find a decent haircutter in this small town. We are talking really bad. I could have given any of my friends a pair of scissors and come out better.

Vain, you may say. Possibly. But it is clear that the ony safe bet is to pay more money and go to Notorious for Hair in Point Loma. I don't care if hardly any men ever go there. I'd rather pay the money, have nice smart aleck chicks do the job, and come out not feeling like Moe in the Three Stooges.

I may let it grow this time for a year. Being grateful to still have plenty of hair at this age, why not?
It was my hope to help the failing businesses in Alpine. Apparently I am only enabling gross incompetence.

What's even more stupid is that I usually leave saying, "That's great, thanks a lot". In my defense it is partly because I can't tell what they've done at that point. I discovered so many stray strands of wrong length that I used my sharp kitchen knife to even it up slightly. (couldn't find my scissors)

Maybe I should wait until my mood chemistry is on the upswing before I make any decisions like get a haircut, fix the car, etc. When I'm down I make irrational and poor choices. That is why it is so hard to get the needed things done. I either forget what they are, mix up the priorities or get them done in an unacceptable fashion.

It is probably a more painful existence than it should be, and more of an agony than it sounds. I'll bet it is possible for it to be much better.

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