Sunday, May 15, 2011

Plan Z2

OK. Come heck or high water I am out of here Monday night. Then a day in eastern AZ. Then 3 days to drive to MS for the blues harp festival, providing it is not under water. Then back to Texas, then we shall see. I expect to head east agin, then eventually west. The one place not on the list is Bumble Bee, AZ. That is where I encountered the cuchacabra a few years ago. Did I spell that right? Believe me I did not stick around and ask about spelling when its fearsome head caught my eye.

Maybe it is Chupacabra. Whatever it is, the only time people talk about them is on Coast to Coast AM radio with George Noory or Art Bell.

I lived to tell about it and to avoid the endless dirt road to Bumble Bee.

a blast from the past

PS: I'm bringing the last of the Howling Wolf spice rub with me. Great on potatoes or on cheese, lettuce, tomato and mayo sandwiches, on wheat toast. The stuff is incredible and a little goes a long way--otherwise I'd already be out.

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