Monday, March 2, 2009

Sound of Music

So we've been working up a few folk tunes. New territory for me. It's Ok though. I figure I better do what I can while I can. There may be a day when it is considered an affront to the people's sensibilities to play blues harp. The stunning thing to me is that so few people actually get what's going on and how it happened.

As our version of the Von Trapps dance across the Rockies on their way to Alaska, looking for freedom, maybe hoping some state will finally decide to quit the game and secede, they'll be monitored the entire time. Probably the daughter's cell phone, or maybe the son's will be the beacon that brings in the national guard.

It really is not a great leap from the over use of traffic cameras to punish and take money, to constant tracking to tax your milage or just be sure you aren't Osama.

The trouble is that the price of constant surveillance is that we give up the ability to effectively dissent or rebel against tyrannical authority. Even as things are now, I do not trust the safety of sending letters or emails to representatives. With my views, no telling what database would store my type. It takes little effort, if any for you to be classed in a particular way from a letter or petition. Computers can do it through sophisticated software without anyone reading the letter. (like anyone reads them now)

It is not the question of whether you ought to run red lights, but whether you have the right to insist the public administrators stick to the program of letting people be free. Obviously no one has ever heard of Hitler or Castro and seen how their games were played. Europe has a history of learning absolutely nothing from history. It is that oblivious arrogance that allowed us to win a revolution we had no reasonable chance of winning. Apparently we didn't learn either.

The real reason for the IRS system, I am convinced, is that it can be used by those in power to harass or even ruin those who oppose. Look how both parties have managed to divert attention away from substance as they sick the dogs on one another. That's why neither party pushes to abolish it and go to a different less costly system.

You just wait. It won't be long before you look around a say, "he was right, they really are seeking to control us to the point of abstract slavery". I cannot believe most people still think there is any sense to this stuff.

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