Friday, November 13, 2015

Social Commentary; the surly bonds of comm device hubris

So, this guy, on the face booking, who has obviously done it right, is visiting his son in Colorado on an idyllic mountainside, in a two or three story wooden, chalet sort of place.  He sees some birds, black with white stripes, and he asks if anyone knows what kind of bird it is.

Just a simple question.  Had I known, I would have left the information in a comment.   Someone left a comment.  I thought, oh good, I will discover the type of bird because I am now curious.

But NO!  This person says, get xyz app.  It is free and it tells you bird types.  WTF?  Do you have the app.?  If so, why do you not look up the bird he posted in the pictures, then share the info.  If you care to you can inform him about the app that has this info.  He may not want to add an app.  And he might.  Would a friend withhold the info just to force him to comply?

I would be ticked if someone gave me "There's an app, go get it" in answer to a question. That is a snarky, annoying answer.  If anyone does this, you have my permission to slap them and kick them to the curb.

No, Education Involving Others is Not a Right

I feel your pain.  Debt sucks, and look at all the privilege and such, and bad viewpoints that need squashing on campus.  Who wouldn't be happier without debt, worry, and hurt feelings?

So, I am with you but wait until I buy some stuff on credit then we can wipe out all debts and give me some free education.

Geez.  How hard is it to realize that anything which requires action from others is NOT A RIGHT?  Education, in the context of this protest, requires people to teach, buildings, maintenance, books, etc. It is not a right if you make them teach you for nothing.  You are trying to enslave others to suit your fancy.  How can that be so tough to see?

Obviously, public education failed, and your parents failed, if you thought taking on thousands and thousands in debt to get a degree in ethnic victimhood, or gender confusion and anger, or almost anything might not leave you wealthy soon after graduating.  

It is unkind to encourage student loans and all that without really shining some light on the downside of gambling.  Just because you think you are going to make tons of money in four years, based upon today's trends, does not mean it is not a serious gamble. Laws, governments, privilege leveling, and any number of unknown factors can queer the deal, and certainly have in the last thirty years.   

When I was that young I was just wanting somewhere to mark time so I borrowed because it was easy.  Took awhile to pay it. Glad I wasn't crazy enough to get into the debt common today. 

No true right demands anything on the part of others except that they don't infringe on your rights.  People try to parse words and pretend that personal boundaries are not implied in the concept of allowing others to live as they choose.  If you choose to live in a way that forces others to hear you or see you with no escape, you are violating rights, not exercising them.  Got no right to force others,  That is how rights work.  

Now, someone or a group may choose to give you an education but you have absolutely no right to demand that they do so free of charge.  Why can't you work free?  You want $15 an hour minimum no matter what.  Hypocrite!!  You want others to provide you with services for free, then you bitch about wanting more pay.  Got to treat them the same as you want to be treated.  The equality thing.

Good to know that baby boomers weren't the only generation that was dumb enough to spout idiocy in public.  I did not like VietNam or the draft, but these idiots were pushing nonsense and calling draftees all sorts of vile names.  The rewrite of history painting protestors as altruistic, informed, highly moral philosophers is a big lie.  They wanted dope and willing young women, and the girls wanted to be seen, and to have an excuse.  Harsh, sexist sounding, but it is true.  People know it, but won't own up to it.

So now, how about forgetting the wasteful loans I took because I am not ready for the workplace and life is confusing?  I wouldn't expect otherwise.  Fun is out of the question because there is too much chance of offending someone.  Or worse yet, what if you have fun and it can be shown that it is only because of your white privilege?  

The truth is that people, and I use the term loosely, tend to get on the victim wagon (and/or the guilt wagon) which suspends all morals, and they claim to be correcting oppression by instituting the very same cruelty they decry. But now they are the oppressors so it is OK.   I thank baby boomers and "the greatest generation" for getting this ball rolling.  The greatest did win the last war that had any definition or apparent goals.  Give them that.  Most were kids who had no clue what was what, but they had learned some about work and roles in life meant something.  It was less confused.

Then they came home and raised brats and spawned confusion.  Fueling that confusion has become a national effort ever since.  It got me.  It won, I lost.  Maybe why I hate the sixties so much.  If I had ignored it, and if my parents from the greatest generation had given me even a clue, life would probably not be so sad.  As it is I took on their sadness and guilt and never got rid of it.  And I am scared to death now.

I find it very hard to interact, in reality.  I fake it some, and just play a little music to be around people.  But I am sinking.  Maybe that is why I find the ptsd military people easy.  They make sense to me and I feel comfortable there.  To a point. 

I may just rent a truck, empty the place out so I can clean it. Drop all at the dump and cash it in.  The external mess is something I have to eliminate first.  

So now we have more confused post high school people being fed lies and being treated like this nonsense makes sense; being told education is a right, that all we have to do is make those meanies who hoard money pay.  They are told that it is unfair if they are white, heterosexual, and not physically or mentally impaired in any way.  It is downright oppressive and you should be punished.  There has been some truly unkind and cruel oppression in history.   Making it cool to then torture others is not a good long term fix.  It just continues the yoyo deal.  So does lying.

Europeans did not invent slavery and Americans weren't the biggest offenders ever.  None of that changes the pain of those who were abused.  But truth is truth.  Irish were enslaved, as were most groups sometime in their history.  Does not speak well of humans that this has happened.  Truth sucks.  Like Ferguson.  No hands up don't shoot scenario ever occurred, but that interferes with the money making anger pandering.   As dumb as people are, I don't think free education will help.  There is an army of dimwits calling the shots in higher education.  How you clear that out, I do not know.  

Maybe if they are forced to teach for free or for minimum wage they will go away.  The ones I know can do some good things but promote the PC nonsense to absurdity, all the while patting themselves on the back publicly for doing such a "high calling".  I like teachers who don't constantly brag about their superior worth in the world.  I don't know any, though.  And I disagree.  I only had few teachers who did not do everything but kill me in some way. I do thank those few.

Last One Was Too Much

OK. The short of it is that I am going to Austin for a few days right after Christmas, returning on Jan.1.  Let us hope I don't stress and grab a pack of cigarettes on the way home.  Lack of availability will help.  Seems like it has been close to 2 years.

The last 2 years have been murder.  All that time wondering how to cope with those hot itchy attacks which interfered with work and life.  I thought I would have to give up the little bit of a job I have.  Luckily I managed not to do that.  Months of narrowing it all down to discover blood disease, or more accurately bone marrow issues.

But the situation appears to be in a somewhat stable mode, sort of.  One pill, every other day, and levels are somewhat OK.  At first the attacks went away and I thought it would all get better.  But they came back.  Still it is not as common or severe as it once was.  And I have learned various ways to mitigate the trouble.

Austin will be an adventure.  Just the lack of control the plane trip gives is spooky.  I know others have similar need to be able to withdraw to conditions which don't set off physical trouble, too.  But I am supposed to be healthy no matter what, and have no problems.  It will be OK.

Then there is the matter of being on someone else's turf and not being in control of much.  I see now the genius of my brother's life and how he constructed it.  I do not think he ever goes anywhere that he isn't in pretty strong control of things.  He worked to build that form of security.  Well, he built a family and stuck with it.  I guess that is what I wanted but never had the ability to do it.  It makes me cry.

So, I'd rather think about nothing.

Still Just Here

San Diego is definitely a big military town.  I am not really a big military person.  I mean, I like having a good military and ours is more impressive than one might think, as far as some of the individuals and their level of expertise and training.  But I do not get all slobbery with the hollow and somehow self righteous sounding "oh thank you for your service" mantras.  And I don't try to glean some glory by trying to imitate the OOHRAH! stuff.  

I show respect, like I would often upgrade military when I worked for the airline.  Mostly because I didn't think most of them knew what they really signed up for.  And some might be guard or air guard...outfits that never should be used except for defense, but since 911 have been misused just like the rest.

On an individual level, though, it is a very rough thing that can happen.  You get the most incredibly well trained and conditioned people and then let politicians and corrupt interests decide what they do and where, then wonder what could possibly go wrong.  It is sick.  And the public is herded into the madness like sheep.  In order to keep it going, they blindly glorify in a way that reeks of insincerity, if you ask me. 

Anyway it is confusing, as far as the big picture.  On the smaller scale I just end up in weird places, like playing on the Midway aircraft carrier on Veterans' day.  It is a word war two vintage aircraft carrier which is moored in San Diego harbor and has been made into a big museum.  A very popular one at that.  The place was swarming with people.  They have planes below deck and on the flight deck and tours and all kinds of stuff.

There I was. On top of that I was right there in the midst of a lot of PTSD people involved in the music therapy program, and some who have had serious injuries from things blowing up in Iraq and elsewhere.  Nations, and how they go about things, are really screwed up.  That can be confusing.

I do not like too much involvement with anyone right now.  Unless the right person...but that is different.  All I can say is that I am glad my nephews did not join the military.  Not sure where they may have gone if they had.  When was the last time a deployment to a war zone made sense all the way through?

Usually the parts that made sense were just patches to fix the misguided initial effort.  It is criminal. I am in disbelief that after VietNam we suckered for letting people go to Bosnia and all manner of places.  How did we let Bush get away with sending guard units for extended tours in Iraq and elsewhere?  Doing wars which don't work and for which we are so unprepared that you deplete the stores of reservists?  Insane.  But here in SD the main thing is to thank everyone and ignore the cruel reality of it.  

How do you appreciate the military itself but not how they are used and where they are sent?  And the other part is that it is a choice in this age.  No draft at the moment.  It brings up some conflicting questions and beliefs, I guess.  For me, I could not be loyal to a government that ignores the Constitution, which is what you swear to protect.  You do not swear allegiance to some arrogant politician.  No way to really think it through and do the job.  So, loyalty takes on another meaning.

In the military it comes down to not leaving your colleagues in a lurch. Your loyalty is to your team.  The big picture has to be ignored.  And it is life or death, losing limbs, and crazy, so the fidelity aspect toward your comrades in arms is the all important value. No way to succeed if they are thinking much beyond that, looking at motives, goals, and the Constitution.  

Wars suck but should be fought with a clear goal.  Bringing democracy and happy times to lunatic cultures is not a lofty or sane and moral goal.  Winning hearts and minds is absolute bullshit. A kinder, gentler army, there to build schools and hand out candy is pure lunacy.  If you could see the lives that are altered, the people scarred for life because politicians and those that own them want to serve needs having zero to do with protecting our shores or our Constitution, you'd probably hesitate to send them in harm's way.  Not so with those doing the sending. They see the results and try to make people feel wonderful for getting blown up in ill conceived endeavors of their making.  

And I don't care to think about my life.  It is worrying me how hard it is to have a positive thought about myself or my circumstances and what I have destroyed and created for myself.  What a waste.  I'd rather think of the follow orders syndrome that makes me less than gung ho when it comes to police work or military service.  I would thank them all, but they make more money than I do, and they know where to be and what to do at any time because that is how it works.  There is security in jobs with pensions and insurance and job security.  The down side is that you could get blown up or sent somewhere unpleasant.  For a lot of years most people did not have to go anywhere stupid.

If you joined in 1973, you could have probably taken a retirement after twenty years, never got shot at or had to hang in the hot hot desert winning the hearts of lunatics from the medieval times.  You could then have started your own business or found other government work and wrangled a second pension by age 60.  Lots of people did that.  I never had it in me. Still don't.  But it would have been a fu--ing improvement so I cannot knock it.

People join for any number of reasons.  I doubt the clarity and sanity of our foreign policy are high on that list.  How many people have a clue what we are doing and why?  I really do not.  I do know we manage to arm the bad guys and that friends are ex enemies quite often, and enemies are ex friends.  Very fluid loyalties all around.  Obviously it is not working well. I think using the military to kill the aberrant, and to do it without being polite and risking our lives needlessly is the best approach.  Anything else risks lives.  So, if we aren't going to wipe them out, don't go their.  Do not engage. 

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