Saturday, March 5, 2016

Really, Mitt?

Mr. Establishment himself. That Bohemian Grove going, new world order taking professional politician.

Four years ago he is kissing up to Trump for money and support.  Greatest guy in the world.  Now he turns vicious and launches an attack on Trump with no evident stimulus involved. He isn't running for office.

I don't know if he endorsed anyone.  If he did it would be like dealing a blow on two fronts.  His support has got to result in drop in the polls.  No telling what effect the attack has on Trump's standing.

I'd be queazy even if it were Harry Reid or someone else with whom I tend to disagree and for whom I have little respect.  When Mitt, and most republicans, plus democrats and unaffiliated ruffians all launch an attack simultaneously using the same buzzphrases and insults,  I tend to think there is skulduggery at play.  There usually is anywhere within 100 yards of most politicians.

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