Thursday, December 10, 2009

Vindication, almost as sweet as revenge

The demise of my last car, the Blue Ru, which carried me across the country and out of a figurative and literal bad place was quite unexpected and not necessary. That collision was purely the fault of a guy who parked a long trailer partially in an unlit road at night. It had no lights and no reflectors. I still shudder to think what woud have happened to a passenger or to a motorcycle or family driving that lane at that time.

It almost made me want to flee California when the highway patrol on the scene played on their ignorance, assuming I was a hillbilly deserving of ridicule based on the Tennessee plates. Many people who get their world view from Hollywood movies and TV assume that Southerners are stupid and mean. They are no more stupid and mean than anyone else, and often more compassionate and intelligent. Just depends on the place and the group.

So, after fighting lies from the highway patrol, the crooked truck driver, and people in my insurance company who had trouble grasping the simple arguments I gave based on very simple physics, I finally won. I'm amazed and happy.

CA has a board that arbitrates insurance company disputes. The Lizard decided, after much prompting, to dispute the finding of the other company and the police report suggesting that I could have avoided this collision. Despite the fact that the trucker sent in photos of a different trailer from the one he was pulling that night, one lit up like a Christmas tree, the board found him 100% liable. Maybe I should get a neck brace and sue that lying degenerate. I only wish I could demoralize the cops involved and get them fired. They were as bad or worse than any southern cops I've seen, and I've seen some doozies.

Finally getting all of my deductible back and, by implication, having an official stamp placed on the fact that I was the only truthful party in this matter, should be enough. Let karma cure the others. It will.

The whole thing was some kind of lesson. It is the first time that I fought that hard as my own advocate, rather than get fed up, lose money, and say to hell with it. The money is hugely needed at this time, so that is really great, but it was also a matter of principle. I'm glad I had the chance to champion myself and truth while one still can. Principle has become so grossly ignored and under rated lately that I wonder how many can discern a principle from a wish or an unfounded opinion.

Agents of government ought not be able to hurt citizens on a whim. This was just one small example of that activity. I guess it is something people have to consciously make an effort to avoid; that small minded abuse of power when they possess it. Few people can do that. You see it all the time, like when someone not normally in charge is placed in charge while the boss is gone.

Anyway. I've been vindicated and I deserved this decision. I keep thinking there could conceivably be a lawsuit here but I'm not into that. I'd rather just punch people, provided I didn't get punched back.

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