Sunday, October 24, 2010

They're Related to Bears

The sceintific name for this animal family is obnoxiousus pushius bastardium. Just like bears, raccoons have absolutely no respect for boundaries.

I've been hearing noises outside. Clumsy rummaging sounds. Then I discover, this morning, that my garbage can had been overturned and gone through. At first, I suspected government agents.

Yikes. Having trouble with browsers and the whole story got zapped. Switched from safari to firefox. Maybe it will work better. Been having connection trouble too so who knows.

I'll recreate it: All I saw was the tail. It seems a large raccoon tipped over my trash can. I found it that way this morning and heard it tonight. I ran out in time to just glimpse the tail as it escaped. Pushy bastard.

I sprayed upholstery cleaner all in and around the can, dumped liquid dishsoap in, on, and around the can as well and tried to get the lid snapped as tight as it goes. It is old and doesn't snap all that tight.

Hopefully it can be deterred or otherwise made to cease the raids. I'd say execute the thing but I fear that could bring trouble in this state. That guy who posted 'possum abuse on youtube did time I think. PETA saw to it. Raccoons and 'possums are people too, after all.

I'm usually nice to animals, and like many of them. But I have no use for demanding disrespectful creatures. You don't see me going through their stuff, making a mess of things. Maybe some nasty bug spray in there will help.

It's the juicer refuse and all the year old leftovers I finally threw out. It ignored the vegetable pulp and stole the old pie and things that could no longer be identified. Most was in those little grocery bags which were tied off. Not good enough.

It would be really cool to have some electronic thing that waited until the critter had its nose in the can, then an image suddenly lit up and screamed, like those creepy email videos that show a scene and tell you to watch closely, then while you are concentrating this crazy face jumps out and scares you. I doubt the raccoon is online or I'd get its email and send one of those.


I saw a short interview with Keith Richards. What a shock to discover that he may be this week's most admired person, in my book.

Keith has no regrets. And I could understand what he was saying. This is the first time I ever heard him speak when I could catch any familiar words or language.

The idea of no regrets made me jealous. But it also made me think. From the very start he has done what he does best. And he was smart enough to see Jagger's potential immediately. They showed an excerpt of a letter he sent to an aunt. Shockingly good penmanship. He said Jagger would be the best R&B singer on that side of the ocean or words to that effect. And he was emphatic--no question about it, he stressed.

I have regrets.
And things I was right about, I allowed myself to doubt because of what others thought, conventional wisdom or simply not trusting my own reason and instinct. Maybe, drug addict that he was, he has been more true to himself than one might think. A beautiful place in Connecticut with a good looking wife, kids. More to show for it than most.

If he'd never been famous I bet he'd not be a lot different except he may have been more moderate with the drugs. I think you are either the type who never intends to regret things so you don't, or else you are convinced They know something you don't and continually live to regret it.

I've rarely regretted making effort toward something. I don't know. I've regretted quitting some things and not quitting others. Just a state of mind.

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That last post, reminiscing about homeless people I have known, and befriended, helped me further my story a bit. It is only laziness that I don't do even more tonight.

I will though. One big motive is that I can't wait to get to the point where I do the final edits and rearranging. Then I'll be open to someone else's suggestions, but not until I have done that.
I'll be open to whether people find it engaging or not, as I go, and I've let a couple of friends sample some and think it may be engaging enough.....
..... for someone who has a long plane ride, no dope or booze, no tv or ipod, and nothing else to read,
and can't fall asleep on airplanes, and is stuck with no one to talk to, except a psychotic tax collector and a jihadist. That's good enough for me.

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