Friday, May 31, 2013

Mountain Lion Update

Fish and wildlife visited the site of the goat massacre and confirmed that it was indeed a mountain lion attack.  They found tracks in the area which indicate a mama and cub.

So far they haven't arrested the goat owner for making it hard for the cougar by placing the goat behind a seven foot fence.  That would be par for the course in SoCal, or California altogether.  Few people here tend to recognize the balance when it comes to human survival vs questionable leeway enforced for critters.

They either hate people and think we've invaded the land of bears and squirrels, therefore we should all die.   Or they don't care and would be perfectly happy littering, riding the bumper of the car in front, and shooting anything that moves.  That latter group is mostly transient from the south.

If for any reason I was threatened by a mountain lion and was lucky enough to kill it, I would not notify the authorities for fear of reprisal.  I'm watching for them, though, because it would be cool to see the killer cats cruising through my back yard, which is the Cleveland national forest.

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