Thursday, May 13, 2010

Necessity May Be the Mother

There is that old saying that necessity is the mother of invention. Often I have questioned if that isn't a part time mother. A lot of things are needed but still go ignored. For example, people need to mind their own business and stay out of the affairs of others when they aren't being bothered. Nope. Doesn't happen---enter the parade of professional busy bodies that posture on the news every night for the last 40 or 100 years. So, freedom is needed, and once I thought it was invented, however a sure way has yet to happen. Maybe people just don't get that the invention is there, just not fully r properly applied. Inventions should be idiot proof. Too bad that one wasn't. They tried.

Perhaps invention is done when those official creepy people have their heads turned. Positive invention at any rate. Same with innovation.

Invention, innovation, whatever you call it. A contractor once told me the best way to find aq unique way to do something is to assign it to your laziest worker. The assumption being that he did not hire any incompetent or stupid employees. He did large concrete jobs like water treatment plants and such. His guy came up with a very clever quick, cheap way to form and pour a particular part of the structure that normally was all complicated and labor intensive. It worked well. That was a great company.

Anyway, on my job, I'm the laziest employee I have. And, true to form, I finally found a way to make this tedious, labor intensive, Raul garage door, special magic, artistic finish project much less labor intensive and time consuming. At least I think I did. So far so good. Tomorrow will tell the tale.

I'm still in the prepare the trashed doors stage. That is the key part, and the hardest. This things will be right yet. I'd say the inspiration was pure brilliance but it was really pure frustration with working an hour and having so little to show for it. It was a combination of impatience and dislike of doing too much damned work.

So, I tried or thought of everything I could imagine that might save labor---then I sat and drank my coffee. Then I took a break. Then I actually tried the idea and realized I got more done in 30 minutes than I did in an hour and a half of actually work--no breaks.

Then I went around the corner to the teak, round 2, job. This new improved set up, and the fact it can be protected from infidels and weather when needed, now, leave me somewhat encouraged.

Who would have thought a bottle of water and a scrub brush would be my new best friends?
This group I play with has made a song I did with the Memphis band into an instrumental. Actually it is primarily me going as wild as I can while the guitars make a gentle rhythm. C minor. I'm not sure I ever had a band willing to do that. It is more their idea than mine and I like it. I don't go as crazy as I could yet, but this could be a chance to spontaneously combust under the right circumstances. It is kind of a risky thing, but I think it is on the right track. The right people have responded favorably the couple of times we played out. All the stuff we do is better now anyway.

I'm really happy with the original material in this group. No one cares that much about playing out so we do what we do. I'd kind of like to play some different gigs but at the same time, I think the creativity and talent of these guys makes it worthwhile to do whatever it is they have in mind. It took awhile but they have made me much better than I was.

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