Monday, March 29, 2010

Learn Something New Occasionally

Today I learned:
That I can be radically impatient when caught off guard and I feel that property damage could happen.

Bing Crosby had a lot to do with the development of Rancho Santa Fe and Del Mar Race track.

There are people who vacuum bowls of fruit.

I may be prone to confusion in some emotional contexts.

A typical game of Survivor on television involves the contestants who don't get kicked out by the others camping out in Samoa or Borneo or wherever for approximately seven weeks.

I can't believe I have actually been keeping up with friggin Survivor. Since I have, I am especially happy to say I am glad the Villains are winning and I hope Russell manages to feed Boston Rob to the sharks. Probably my prejudice against Massachusetts and thereabouts. I also like that chick whose clothes always seem to be falling off. Like she has no idea and couldn't find something to wear for their contests that would stay put. Good girl. Not someone I'd trust. Entertainment and trust do not always live in the same house.

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