Thursday, July 9, 2009

Talking Trash

Another bout of wondering and thinking. TV shows used to use the formula that people had to lie to their friends big time about trivial things. It was always in the name of friendship, somehow, and hijinx ensued. I was always worried my friends would be like that. Growing up they were, to put it politely. I was most likely less vulnerable than most.

In Miami, in my neighborhood, the parents and kids, alike, were the most back biting, talk about you behind your back, lying group of people I've ever seen, other than the Memphis workforce at Fawlty Airways. That covers a lot of territory. It also leads me to believe I'd not quite learned that lesson so I attracted some version of it to myself after several years. Back in the hood the number of cheating wives and husbands was astounding. And most of them were keeping it right their in the neighborhood. Then they'd have the cocktail hour and all pretend to be friends. I didn't get the kids or the parents. To my credit I was rarely the one singled out for the trash because I had a rep for being crazy and fearless as a young child. It helped in a way. Looking back, I have little respect for that dysfunctional community.

Things I've observed lately made me wonder if people still think it is impossible to confront friends about things rather than deceive. There are those times when letting it go without mention is the best course, and there are times when you should say what's on your mind--to the person involved, not everyone else when that person is absent.

Anyway, when it is mean and manipulative, trash talking is bad news.

That being said, I'm going to trash the animal kingdom behind its uncaring back. It occurred to me, as I was pondering the planet, environmental and humanitarian issues that; A--herbivores are gross offenders when it comes to disregard for the environment, and B---carnivores are the big offenders when it comes to animal rights and ethical treatment of other creatures.

In the first case I give you elephants and locusts as two good examples. I don't know what beavers eat but they could care less if they screw up the water supply for someone else. Elephants trash the damned place. I saw it on TV. If locusts were held accountable, they'd be planting trees from now to eternity and still go to hell.

Now, think about the poor little furry creatures who are mercilessly slaughtered, and for what? A meal. Tigers, coyotes, all those evil doers are so selfish that they never consider they may be eating someone's mother. This behavior goes on every day.

None are held accountable. I think that should change. After all, we're all in this together. I heard that on the radio, in one of those obnoxious Ad Council public service propaganda pieces. So I know it is so.

As a friend pointed out, it may be that the only responsible carnivores are vultures. They clean up the mess. But I wonder what they'd do if the rest of us just got along. Messes would be few and far between. Maybe we could work something out. Few animals live forever, and many don't care about being buried or cremated.

I'm trying to resist comment on current events. I think I'll let it rest for now. You either get it or you don't. I'm stunned at the whole thing. What a con. Too bad the sane players have long ago exited or been untruthfully and unfairly smeared as kooks. Maybe it will not make any difference. Understanding the principle behind a thing has become an extremely rare art, and caring about the principles involved is way out of fashion, if not almost illegal.

Re-sealable package review:
Red Devil, TCP90, a trisodium phosphate substitute that claims to be wonderful for the friggin earth. It sort of works, so I won't say it is just another green product that is more placebo than anything else, although the jury is actually still out.
The resealable feature is another story.

The bag was not trashed in any way. I work neat. Reseal? Hardly. They should have just taped one of those chip bag clips or a clothes pin to the package. No blue and yellow makes green here. It doesn't work. That is all there is to it. If I were a lawyer I guess I'd be plotting a class action suit.

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