Friday, May 4, 2012

Lift The Veil Of Right and Left

For their own convenience and to promote their agendas through propaganda techniques, people in public life, in the media, and in mindless mob actions tend to label things "right wing" and "left wing".  Terms which are all but meaningless if you try to hold the labels down to a test based on definition.

One is given to believe that right wing means law and order, no social programs, big on war.  And that left wing is big on government services and control of resources, social programs, not big on war but big on aiding other countries.   These are bad definitions, because when I really go to define these things, and try to keep my own extreme bias out of it, it makes no sense.

Most of the time, I would be in line with what is considered right wing--except that I think government ought not be involved pro or con in matters like abortion, marriage, or internal affairs of other lunatic states in the world.

I'm left wing when it comes to not making laws about social behavior.  But when I think of it, left wing does make laws about behavior and taxes behavior and much else.  We agree and disagree.

Here's where the terms get botched.  They always report things like "radical right wing neo-nazis blow up in attempted parallel parking caper".   Here's the news; Nazis are left wing extremists!  They are bigoted socialists, just like the Black Panthers, Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson.  That is, if you class Sharpton, et al, as left wing, which most people do.

If capitalists are somehow mainstream or right wing, and socialists and communists progressively left wing, then Nazi, which is socialist by definition, is a lunatic version of left wing.

You can't class something as left or right based on racism alone, although I find left wing groups, or what get labeled as left wing to be more abundantly racist that those on the right.  White supremacist groups are very few in number and have little support.  They are usually labeled right wing.

Racism in left wing circles is rampant; Black Panthers, race based hiring and admissions policy, race based contract awards, Al and Jesse inciting crowds against people based on race rather than fact--or when facts are not known--Duke rape case, whatsername Brawley, Trayvon Martin, the riot that killed the Jewish guy in NY, etc.

The whole one wing or the other thing is a bit convoluted.  But if wings must be labeled, the reality of where more violence and hate is generated is opposite from the picture painted of left wing, compassionate---right wing, violent.  But then, it is rare that the most common forms of hate crimes are labeled as such.  And everyone knows it.

But the whole idea that a violent crime needs to be treated differently depending upon the why and the victim, is absurd.  I don't care why you beat me and raped my dog, I don't like it.  The hate crime concept is absurd and only designed to make some groups more special than others.  That is how it works in practice.  Not sure which group hate-crimers fall into. I guess they usually call it right wing, but in reality, that doesn't hold water.

Anarchists, on the other hand, should be right wing, since no government is the antithesis of a socialist or communist state.   The so-called anarchists we see these days can't possibly be anarchists in the true definition of the word.

If you do not believe in laws and a body of authority to enforce them, you certainly cannot say you are allied with the communist party, and it seems odd that you have an official logo, flag, and organize to protest because you think certain groups aren't regulated enough and that unions should have more power.  Lot of "archy" in that.  Your name suggests you are all about no archy at all.


I just thought I'd mention that left right confusion.  I'm thinking of getting new flags made which I can send to the mis-labeled anarchists.  It would be a capital I instead of capital A in the middle of a circle.  Or maybe a question mark, as a friend suggested. The I would stand for idiot.  Then they could really be in solidarinosc; "Idiots of the wold unite!"  Plenty of takers for that proposition.

I'll go back to reclusion.  Politics has become an odd religion to many, and often people bring their religion into it.  Left, right, and who knows.  You tell me Chris Matthews does not have the same awe and worship of Obama as any Christian has of Jesus.  So his religion is government as it now exists, while many want to bring in Christianity, Islam, you name it.

What a pain.  Government should have such limited power that you can't even slide any of this stuff in. But it does have power.  That's what people do.  Just look at any condo association if you don't think power feeds on itself and that the average Joe won't let power go to his head.  Few can resist abusing even minor power.  I, of course, am one of the very few who is not one to abuse power when I have it.

So, once again, I truly am your best hope for president.  I'll even marry someone and promise she won't waste time and money on some cause like dirty fingernails in America, or dandruff in the workplace, or the tattoo epidemic.  Imagine that?  No subtle royalty behavior being foisted upon a nation which forbids titles of nobility, and royal power.   It would be the first time in forever.

Those people who swooned over the Kennedy years calling it Camelot have no idea what they were saying.  You really want to live in a monarchy?  That is your dream, so you imagine a presidential family that you like to be our ruling monarchs?  And you imagine yourself bowing as their carriage passes by?  You freedom hating fool!

The Pot Calling the Kettle Rotund

Never again will I smugly brag, even silently, about how I can effortlessly control my weight.   I can't say that I've actually tried all that hard, but I am finding this belly situation a little disconcerting.

It used to be that I could cut out a few meals, eat less when I did have a meal, and in no time, my appetite was minimal and I became skinny.  I'm still sort of slender, but I have a beer gut; and I don't even drink.

I have been eating fewer meals but, unlike my past experiences, I think about eating, and how I want to feed myself constantly.  I believe I am being shown just a hint of what many people go through.  It is hard for people to burn more fuel than they take in.  I guess that is why they invented amphetamines and manual labor.

Exercise, just for the sake of exercise, to me, is as unpleasant as laying on the beach.  I love the coast and the beach, but I have to be doing something.  I can't just lay there.

Walking is great, and walking up my hill can be a pretty good energy burner.   I find it tougher to do things like walking unless I am going somewhere, or just kissing up to some dame who wants to walk aimlessly.  In both cases I suppose I'm trying to get to  defined destination for a defined purpose.

For me to walk to the store would be a major outing; 9 miles there losing 2000 feet in elevation, and then the walk back.  One day I may do it, but no way that will become one of my habits designed to divorce myself from this jelly belly and keep it gone.

It is easy to see how people make money off of fad diets and all else related to losing weight.  I'm still far enough on this side of the line to see what a scam that really is most of the time.

I probably wouldn't care if I were married.  As it is there's a skinny chick who is way too healthy and athletic for me to feel comfortable wooing in my present shape.  Fortunately she is not local and not likely to work out long term.  Things could go differently, but I tend to doubt it.  Whether that is a defense mechanism at play, or actual intuition at work, I don't know.

In any case, it is a lame, semi-motivational excuse to avoid letting this situation get any further out of hand.  The best thing is to do more work.  Physical work.  Things you can see like build a house,  dig for gold,  catch rabbits bare handed and make fuzzy sweaters with the hide--that sort of thing.

Actually, I'm trying to talk myself into the female-motivates-me thing.  In truth, I have no idea for sure what I am thinking.  I certainly do admire this person's character and such.  But that is the story of my life.  I'm too peculiar for these self assured, very cool women to deal with, even when they like me.

I'm not about to get behind that 8 ball again.  I'll lose the belly, but I am uncertain about not remaining a semi-recluse.  Company--fine.  Commitment--I can't visualize that at this time.

Karma.  I believe it happens because I tend to learn things which I did not properly appreciate in the past.  Empathy and sympathy are qualities that I find tend to expand as I get older.   That, and my libertarian leaning philosophy toward matters public.

Many do not see how the two go hand in hand.  But they do.

So, to all you kettles out there, this pot understands and will not be calling you rotund.  We jolly jigglies need to stick together.  Michele O can't help us.  I think that since she started calling everyone obese and making it her business, she's been putting on padding herself.  As if I need some wannabe royalty involved in my health and diet anyway.

Maybe when people run for president they should disclose what stupid crusades their spouses plan to waste our time and money to promote.  I wish none of them would have any crusade.  Go play tennis.  Have affairs.  Become obese. Just stay out of things and shut up.  The spouses aren't holding elective office.

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