Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Tour Continues; notes and neuroses

First let me thank Wisconsin, assuming that is where Milwaukee Tools are created. I'll pretend they are from that fair state even if they are really from China. It's rare I don't settle for the 29.00 model when it comes to these things. This time I refused to settle, although I did not go for the high end whatever because that would have been no advantage, and I don't have that in the budget. I'd rather save my money for adventure of some kind. You never know.

That's why I call it the ballistic tour; it's like being shot out of a cannon blindly, so where you land is anyone's guess. If the launch didn't kill you, then the ride can be splendid. It helps if you open your eyes and take it in, rather than clench your eyes shut, all tensed up waiting for the hard landing. metaphorically speaking, of course. Still, stranger things have happened. Just saying.

So, the great state of Wisconsin has done well. Good thing they don't keep these things confined within their borders. The variable speed random orbital sander has proven a versatile, comfortable, companion which makes one's work less strain and more joy. Life is better post sander.

Wherever Dewalt is made deserves praise as well. It is pretty good, but the Wisconsin product is the best all round unit. the two together seem to cover most of the territory that ought be covered for a good overall result.

You can't force things with these tools, just let them flow as they will, with a little helpful guidance and gentle pressure here and there. You never know how this stuff will turn out until it is done. I can tell when it will probably be a good result. Already one work of art is almost ready.

I could hear a band nearby. I think it was at the main resort building. I think they have suites and an event area. It is hard to say. I just explore when it is appropriate and so far just on need to know basis. I go where invited and leave it at that. What I heard sounded world class.

I'm too tired to cover it all. I did see a hot air balloon hovering at 10 feet with a basketful of people. Maybe they were waiting for a landing crew to show up. I guess the high flying drifting is fun but it seems like landing is no piece of cake. When I think of it, that makes sense.

Maybe I should take Sunday off to let the arm heal and so I won't risk being too noisy on a weekend.

Great Day in the Neighborhood

The debut at playing tennis, keeping score and not throwing things or crying when I did it all wrong went well. Everyone had a good time and a couple of times I did things right. That may be of not interest, but I like to write these things down.

Living a charmed life, I was fortunate to have some home cooking with great friends that was as good as any dinner I've ever had anywhere. Maybe better. I would have gone for seconds after a huge plate but it was so good it seemed somehow wrong to stuff. The amount I had was perfect and I figured if I turned glutton it would somehow be a blasphemy.

They had visitors from out of town. A four year old boy and his dad. What a fun bright child. This kid is way more articulate than many adults, and his coordination is remarkable. A more delightful child I have never seen. His dad is strict and requires the most high level of respect and behavior. It is all done by means of example and consistency. The kid seems to eat it up. Within the framework of the boundaries his dad sets the boy is allowed creativity and expression. This child is definitely thriving. What a fun person. His dad is clearly an exceptional human being as well. He was once a teacher who had very profound positive influence on on of my younger friends. Very cool.

Then I was headed home and decided to take the back way. I also decided to call my renegade friend from the north and put it on speaker phone--to stay legal and so I had my hands free. It is tough to admit to voluntarily being one of those people talking to mid air while cruising down the road; missing my turn off and not realizing it until almost in Mexico. That proved to be a longer back way home than originally anticipated. It was much more interesting and enjoyable than expected, too. Left me feeling surprised at myself, kind of excited about things, and at the same time it seems perfectly natural.

Tomorrow is another day in the land of the rich and teakly distressed. It's like being forced to work at your own pace at the Huatulco Club Med, with no one over your shoulder. The labor aspect can be a little painful but in the main it is not very difficult. Besides it is a good excuse to expose myself to mind altering fumes.

My mind is kind of spinning in a good way. There is more to life than meets the eye, much of it good.

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