Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Another Money Making Scheme

Call me Mr Opportunist if you must. Every once in awhile I see the silver lining in the cloud. Lacking the drive to follow up, I offer these money making gems as a public service.

Today's money maker: Terrorist Jail.

Assuming Obama shuts down Gitmo, they will be wanting to house some of those people somewhere. I can't imagine anyone wants to stick them in a normal prison. The extra complications, and accommodations, would not be welcomed by many prison administrators.

The best solution is to sub it out to a private company whose only business is maintaining terrorist cages. I'll bet you could land a sweet contract if you converted that old barn, or the stables on your struggling ranch or farm into a Muslim friendly hell on earth. They don't need TV or internet, just a few dietary requirements, and foot wash and whatever else it is they do. I guess you should buy the proper holy book in bulk and make sure they aren't made of anything which would facilitate escape or suicide bomb construction.

This is a great way to make ends meet in these trying times. You'd get money to appear on sixty minutes, and late night TV. Maybe a cable network would do a special, or base a sitcom on the place.

Once again, you are welcome. A free outline of how to get rich while the rest of the world goes to heck in a hand basket. Cash cows like this don't grow on trees you know.

**many people don't know of my inside track when it comes to Barry things. Yep, 'Rack and I are pretty tight. His friends call him Barry, or "Rack", pronounced "rock". If I wasn't well connected, would I know that?

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