Tuesday, November 18, 2014

My Court Would Be the One You Want

That is, if you had to go to court for something, and you weren't a cop or abusive authority, then my court would be the best one.  I say that because, without real proof, and without watching the trial, I refuse to say OJ was guilty.  I did not go to that circus or pay it much attention, except for OJ over-acting when making sure everyone could see the glove did not fit.

And I never even liked Bill Cosby.  One of the few who didn't.  I didn't think he was very funny.  But I refuse to make the assumption that he is guilty of these ancient accusations.  Maybe yes, maybe no, maybe he has a penchant for rubbing shoulders with crazy people. I do not know.

I do know that when a bandwagon of opinion starts rolling, and it is the stuff of Letterman's lame ass jokes, people pretend that their view is actually well founded when all they are doing is behaving as the media molds them into behaving.  Haha, everyone knows Cosby was raping tall women, so there. That takes him down, and makes me feel just that much bigger and more important.

I also know that in some worlds, some circles, one can piss off the wrong people, and very damaging PR can be arranged.  People can be ruined.  Often they manage to use government somehow.   And that reminds me, Obama weighs in on neighborhood squabbles with drunk Harvard pals in distant cities, shootings in distant cities, and he has no more facts than what we have with Cosby, so has he offered his omniscient viewpoint?

You would think, with all the advances in communication, that reporters and the public at large would make more effort to get all the facts before jumping to conclusions and behaving like the lynch mobs in old Hollywood Westerns.  Remember how stupid those people always were?   Now they're in Ferguson.  Lynch mob cowpoke rednecks turned gangsta in your face in the hood rednecks.  Dumbass knows no color.

And it is tough to point these things out, as in the case of Ferguson,  because I think the police mentality has become highly dangerous in this country, over all.  And I think the "authorities" generally handle things like thugs would.  So, like the old Spy vs Spy, it is Thugs Vs Thugs.

It's tough to defend that arrogant bigot to the point of admitting that neither I nor any other unconnected party knows very much regarding his guilt or innocence.  Unlike what some have said, I feel it is the validity of the charge, not the weight, which is of most importance.

But I am not so sure the cop coldly gunned down the poor lad who was beating him.   Then again, I know nothing of the case. I was not there.  I've only seen enough to convince me that most of the info, official or on the street, is highly suspect regarding veracity.

Changes nothing.  The protest is opportunistic bullshit from many directions.

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