Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Baby Got New Shoes

Don't do like me and only glance at your tires, occasionally running your hand over them when you add pressure or whatever.  I was less observant than you'd think.

The brake issue became urgent so I did what poor people everywhere do, I let my drummer use his parts discount, buy the best pads they have, and then I limped the vehicle to the ranch in another dimension where he installed them.  The ranch occupies our basic dimensional world, plus some others.  You have to be there to understand.

When we pulled the wheels off the front, it became evident that the tires were both worn heavily on the inside edges.  Way down into the steel.  I couldn't believe they hadn't blown or just worn all the way through.

The next day I bit the bullet in tire land, and since the rear ones were down to the wear bars, it was new shoes all the way around.  I did neglect the rotation for the last 10k or so miles.   It pays to keep up with it at Discount because they pro-rate a credit based upon their milage rating and all that.  This batch makes a 90k claim so I will be sure to drop by for rotation every three to five thousand miles.  No way I'll get 90 thousand miles out of these.  But my game is to maneuver toward the best bargain next time.

I have had horrible luck with firestone and goodyear in the past.  Last couple of times it was Pirellis. This time, Continental.  I worry about that, but they're rated in the best category, and right now they are wonderful; quiet, nice handling. swell.

Timing belt was also past due.  So, this week I spent a ton on the lovely car, and it feels pretty good.  You can go the buyer's remorse route but none of these things can be let go, and I do not have facilities for major work.  I am not that fond of auto repair anyway.  Get it done and go on with life.

Oh, but maybe you could have saved a little!!  Maybe.  But I don't have time or inclination to overdo that sort of thing.  I wonder if we shouldn't have created another way to facilitate trade.  Money, means of exchange, has given rise to all sorts of human ways and habits that can drive one nuts, and it is all centered around the means of exchange, not the exchange itself.

I swear, if it meant saving a dollar on groceries, or a dime on parking, I believe some people, no homeless, broke people, would give up years off their life spans just to realize the savings.  And to be able to brag.

I do not care if you managed to get a Mercedes for forty bucks, or you got the prom dress for a quarter at a yard sale.  Bargain, save a penny hobbyists, and health care hobbyists.  That is what civilization has given us.

It is a thrill to many, so maybe they know best. I just don't get it.  Life ought to be different than that.

OK.  I could be a health care hobbyist, except I've grown to dislike almost everyone in and out of that world.  I could not survive an HMO.  I'd be in jail for making scenes.  I cannot believe the stupid way people put themselves in the dumbest of herd activities, and no one wants to be the odd one out.  Dare not question and not be like everyone else.  People are cowards I think.

And don't be fooled, a large enough herd of cowards will trample and obliterate the few people of courage and thought who dare to buck the crowd.  So, bucking the crowd and going against the grain are stupid things to do because they get you squashed.

We'll see what they have to say, again.  I guess I should be prepared for both of the basic scenarios we may encounter.  I have my limits, so I know what I'd do in one particular situation.  But there is a mile of gray area between that situation and another, better case deal.

Public Service:  Poway Home Depot is still by far the best building supply or hardware store ever.  It is managed by a woman.  I may try to woo this queen of the stuff of building erection.

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