Monday, June 10, 2013

Unbelievable, and I Think He Did The Right Thing

So, the feds want to start a criminal investigation on the guy who exposed their secret criminal activity.  That's rich.

The unbelievable part is not that government agencies play favorites, harass select people and groups, or that they overstep their bounds in collecting private info on average citizens without probable cause.

What is unbelievable is that the same people who decried the stretch of such power under Bush now defend Obama, who has taken things where Bush left off and expanded the scope of such skullduggery.

I do not equate Manning and Snowden because I don't think Manning personally reviewed everything and he may have put lives at risk.  Whether Manning did the right thing or not, I don't know at this time.  Snowden, however disclosed crimes against the Constitution and the People.  Domestic spying is over the line.  Those who say you have nothing to worry about if you've done nothing wrong are either morons or they lack hindsight, life experience, or they stand to benefit.

The really crazy thing is to realize that a secret court, with secret judges, makes secret rulings on secret projects that may involve collecting the private information of citizens without their knowledge.  And there is no way to legally combat it in the courts because it is all f'ng SECRET!

But, surprised, I am not.  People have considered me a fringe thinker, and paranoid forever because I have suggested that extreme and massive control of individuals by the state is the direction we've been headed for a very long time.

I'm stunned that Obama worshippers are so afraid their little bubble will be burst if they face the truth; he's another in a long line of puppets that won't put an end to this kind of abuse of power.  To them it is all about party and Obama.  To me it is not.

It is about the erosion of principles, and the foolishness of expanding the scope of the state's power rather than seeking to maintain and reinforce the checks on its power.

It is a lie that every member of congress was briefed on such activities.  Only certain committees and a couple of high ranking posts in house and senate.   And they were sworn to secrecy, because it is all SECRET.

So they couldn't very well go campaign against what was going on because it was a secret they had to keep or face consequences--and none had the cajones to face consequences; although I think there were a couple who tried to hint that there was trouble in River City.  At least one was a democrat.  The fact that there are not sufficient, if any, restrictions on what government, and government agencies can do is not a thing of one of the two bogus parties.

Ignore the grandstanding.  It isn't like republicans had nothing to do with this evolution of the collective monster.

Despite the insulting spin, white house double talk, and the complacency and ignorance of the public, I'm somewhat enthused to see these things come to light in a way that only a hopeless codependent could ignore.

Played a Little Last Saturday

A guy took a lot of photos of people, many of which were excellent.  I won't show you them since you don't know them and I don't want to.
Several people sat in with us, and how it sounded, I don't know.  If the sound matches how it felt, we're on to something.  In any case it was the most fun playing I've had in some time. Pays to lay out a week or two.

Playing that Suzuki pro-master C harp I found in the router box.  Like new but has to be over a decade old.  Fanatstic harp.  First time played in public.

(for critics and purists--yes I hold it wrong. and I use left hand for the effects rather than right hand. it works for me and feels right, so that is how it goes)

 Cliff is one of those people who is the part--the look is not an affectation.  It was an interesting little session.  We did thirty minutes.  He played a song I wrote--Mr. Sleazy.  He came up with the music.  I wrote it in Memphis and got into a big blowout with that guitar player because I didn't like they way he wanted to do it, and the fact he was kind of hijacking the thing.  Cliff is a different story.  He came up with several versions before I gave in.  Surprisingly, it was a big crowd favorite.  But when Cliff is performing, he has that air about him that makes people of all ilks want to like it, and they usually do.

So, I'm still in life improvement mode.  More to sort, but no backsliding, and working like crazy this week over in Rancho Trophy Spouse.  And changes is how I approach basic life are still manifesting.  I'm much less frozen and negligent.  

Out My Back Door

The pic of the front of the place got lost, and then it was too dark to take another shot.

We do have the view if you were standing on the west side facing north, and a shot of the white door on the shed that I painted blue, and the unpainted, and paint flaking off trim around the door which I painted white.

I do not know what any of the stuff outside the shed is, it is not mine.

Again a Gruncle

The youngest of my two rabbit nephews has produced a girl child, with some help from his wife.  His brother has one in the oven which is due to be fully baked sometime in July.  I guess if my wife had been willing when I was, I would have cranked out something.

As it is, I think the perfect Darwinian outcome has been achieved--the better part of the Ballistic gene pool is marching on, while the less suited for long term thriving is weeding itself out of the mix.  That is just fact; not good or bad or poor me.

It is up to me to do the things the better adjusted kin can't wisely chance.  That means following what I feel is the most beneficial.

In the mean time I have a ton of work over in bizarro land, where money is not related to brains or sanity, but the people have more money than they can carry.

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