Thursday, May 12, 2016

How Do These Non-Issues Become Issues?

It is like intellectual neo-dadaism.  Or something.  How can it be this huge deal regarding transgenderation?   And now it is a bigger deal because anyone can imagine itself to be any sex whatsoever and exercise the the rights and privileges that come with it.

I fancy myself a 6' 4" Honduran pole dancer and book shop owner.  Any word to the contrary from anyone just proves that they are xenophobic, racist (of course), sexist bullies, and anti-literate.

What is being done here, and what the lunatics are doing to young children, is not healthy and, at best, is based upon junk science.  I will be told that is debatable.   I do not care to debate the structure of nature or the nature of rights.  Time will most likely prove me right, but I will probably be long gone by then.

Forcing a kid to be what he cannot is unkind, at best.  But pretending to be open while actually pushing some ill conceived act of love and tolerance upon him because he once picked up a doll is as bad.  Maybe worse.  Convincing yourself your young child is transgender at age five is nuts. Convincing him is cruel and wrong.  I have seen a couple of families who wanted to be on tv with their near toddler transgendered unfortunate.  They are pushing it. The kid knows nothing.

I think a lot of parents fall into a pattern of rewarding confusion that they actually create.   The child is getting all this loving attention--It is OK, my barely out of diapers child, we applaud your courageous stand in realizing you are a drag queen diva locked in a five year old boy's body.   And now the kid is special.  That is pretty much all the kid knows at that point, "If I act a certain way, I get a certain reward."  Kids sense that progressive pride a parent feels when the child is the center of a controversy they can sink their teeth into.

The zanier the better.  And even better yet if it inconveniences others. After all those others are selfish mean bastards who don't care or understand. No escaping these people.  Ignore them and they block the roads. It's like all the gimme dolla guys around Memphis.  They are relentless and all pervasive.  They just won't go away.

All the special talk and controversy.  That kid now has found the way to the zone where no one can criticize him, and people come to coddle him and soothe his pain--whether any exists or not.

This episode will someday be viewed as a flight of fancy and a bunch of nonsense.  Many think this is progress, as defined by progressives.  That is a misnomer unless you take it to mean progressively more draconian and insane.

They should more accuratetly call themselves "oppressives".  Those are the ones who think it is OK to stop traffic in the name of their cause, because they are righteous.  They are the ones who think shouting people down or otherwise denying them the right to speak is OK, because they know what the person was saying was somehow damaging and can't be heard.  Just can't.  Might trigger the fragile sensibilities of the faithful and make them feel unsafe.

I know the feeling.  I watched some Hollywood nitwit spend all his time telling everyone to use only one little square of toilet paper in order to save the planet, rain forests, and God only knows what else.  That is a progressivism in a nut shell.  Misguided collectivists idealists.  Get me the fumigator.

And though time may prove me right, the creative scribes of history will likely cast a fantasy land version of reality as the definitive record of this period of time. 

It seems like it would be one thing if someone got the surgery to approximate the sex they weren't but insisted they were inside.  But you go showering with the girls  at high school age?   Some may be disturbed by the mismatch between some body parts and self assessment.

That is the only problematic situation I see in this deal.  If they had said, when I was seventeen, that  I could go shower in the girls locker room if I felt like a girl inside, I suspect several of my pals and I would have suddenly found our inner girls and skipped right on over there.

Denying reality while trying to pretend to be compassionate does not change that reality.  Someone went out of their way to dream up this non-issue.  One day there will be a name for this particular madness.  It may even be found that it is a brain infection caused by soy milk or some mosquito borne virus.

Honestly, I do not care.  But I am not female, and not raising children.  It is very hard just to avoid most of the stuff on cable when you have kids.

Then you have dumbass politicians who no doubt think they are conservative.  Conserving thought, apparently.  They have to create an issue, then go all old west, neck tie party reactionary in fixing in while grandstanding.   It is nonsense.  Both of the sides of this issue are pretty much being idiotic and functioning with partial information because it suits their desires.

I must confess.  Just the other day I used the ladies room because the men's room was unavailable and I was in need.  I have done it many times, taking extra care not to cause moisture to occur on the seat.  I did not have my birth certificate in hand so that could have been trouble.  

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