Friday, October 4, 2013

A Relative Self-Esteem Trick

If you ever think to yourself,  "I'm really pretty flaky and maybe even stupid", just go to the comments section under news stories.  It matters not what outfit published the story, could be the mighty Marxist militia or the Son's of Anarchy, or Republicans Galore, or Democratic Extravaganza.  Commenter quality won't vary much.

In no time you'll be thinking, "There are legions of nitwits out there who make me look like a genius!".   Avoid giving in to the next thought, which is, "Oh my God.  Those people can vote."

What's even weirder is to consider that many of those comments are fake; shills for one interest or another.  Maybe each does a parody of the other side.  If so, many succeed well in looking bad and hurting their own arguments.

Hints of Santa Ana winds for next couple of days.  Not good due to fire hazard.  Relative humidity in single digits at times.  That is just wrong.

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