Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Real Hotshot Producer at the Studio

Apparently this project is hooked in with wounded warriors.  The guy is a Marine back from some crazy ass islamic countries and wars.  Anyway, he can get just about anyone in town to sit in or do studio tracks.  So, it is big flattery to be asked to play.

At first I was skeptical of the engineer and producer.  Soon I realized that they were the real deal. The producer, Johnny something, has a gold record I'm told.  More importantly, he used to play and hang out with Norton Buffalo.  That means he knows how the greatest sound.  Norton was among the greats.

I did not know what they wanted or if they liked what I did for the first three takes.  In between they kept talking to the lead guitar, who was laying down a track at the same time.  Dobro and rhythm were already there. So, this was a case of fitting when and where it works or makes sense to me.

With no feedback I was clueless.  I took a break and the marine's girlfriend told me it was good.  They didn't talk to me because they had no desire to alter my approach. That was a compliment.

This was interesting because everyone involved was really happy with what was going on.  Lots of takes, and lots of waiting on my part. But it was fun and worth it.  By far the best produced studio sessions I have done.

Last night was beyond anything I anticipated, and so was this afternoon at the studio.  It was a little dicey towards the very end and on the way home because of an unruly esophagus.  Sounds kind of like asparagus.  That is not an attractive word.

I'm glad these guys understood the concept of blend and enhance.  My part is not way out front or even 100% or the time.   It is what I would do if I were me.  I remember hearing Toots on a tune by Julian Lennon, and it is just a very small part of the whole.  But that is all it called for. That is what separates him from whoever is not like that

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