Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Ignoring the Speech Impediment in the Room

She did it again, while doing the other thing again.

So, while Michele was trying to fan flames of fear, resentment, racism, and victim fixation, she again displayed her inability to properly pronounce words beginning with STR.  Mrs. O loves to use the word "struggle", but I think advisors may have influenced her to use it less.  Or speech writers quietly altered their choice of words over the last couple of months.

Hearing Michele go on about the "schrtruggles" of others can be a distraction.  This time she was talking about the abuses you can expect when walking down the schrtreet.  No one asked, "Yo, what's a schrtreet?"  They may have been too busy contemplating the non future she was deshcribing.

I've noticed no parody or impersonation in this case.  That is unflattering.

I guess it annoys me.  There are people who've lived in that house whose speech bothers me so bad I cannot listen to them.  Bush was that way, so is Hillary, and both the Os.  I just cannot listen to them for long without discomfort.  Or dishcomfort.  I schrtruggle not to have ill feelings toward any of them.  I do think they are dishonest and not worth the money.

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