Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Elites and Bionists

I've finally given in and decided that maybe They do know what's best for me. Since they are deemed to be a little smarter than the rest of us and are led by "the smartest guy in the room--IQ off the charts!"***, I've decided to do what I can to emulate them.

So, my first move is to do as they have done and exempt myself from the health care law. Problem solved.

I'm not sure what my friends and relatives are doing, particularly those who have recently become bionic with new high tech knees and hips. I have several bionic friends and relatives now. I'm certainly glad they were able to obtain the relief that procedure is said to bring.

If I find myself in such need, I'll hold a benefit or start a solar company, get a grant, then run with the money and go bankrupt. It appears to be a good way to realize a quick windfall. If I plaster the right bumper stickers on the car and all that, I don't expect much legal hassles.

Recently, I've read some things that crystalize the belief by some that it really is their duty to control the direction of the arts, and intellectual thought. They truly believe themselves to be the elite class, and consider it their duty to combat the natural inclinations of lowly people who do work or build businesses. Those ignorant fools are devoid of the understanding of art and how things should run. Good thing the volunteer caretakers are in place.

A psychology professor at Florida State once told us that those of us in the academic world were the elite. It made me uncomfortable when he said that. He went on about it for awhile and the further context did not improve my impression of the assertion. Many of the professors there made me uncomfortable, except those whose field was math or science or engineering. (too bad I got schnockered and skipped so many classes) Or the guy who did metals and jewelry making. Philosophy was a bust, as was theater, english, history, and pretty much all else. Those were difficult times and confusing days. I survived. sort of

Sumer session was the best time to attend because many of the more egregious a-holes were down in Cuba volunteering in the sugar cane fields. I kid you not. Talk about useful idiots.

Oh well. That war is over. And I'm exempt from confusing insurance regulation. I'll just wear a helmet and tell them I'm doing it for the good of society and maybe to save the planet. For the kids or for the planet is a good method of avoiding unwanted discussion. Kind of like claiming it is God's will or His idea.

***not sure what that means. I don't know much about IQ, but I did know one person whose score on one part of the IQ test was "off the charts" according to a psychologist. I asked my shrink friend what that meant and she said that test's chart did not go as high as the person scored. (I was in a situation in which it was OK to discuss the score--all parties permitted it) The individual did better than what would have given him or her the top mark on the chart. The person taking the test didn't do anything grand or earth shaking, to my knowledge, so maybe it doesn't mean much unless you are in politics.

Conversations with psychologists can sometimes be fun and informative. Sometimes, though, shrinks are too arrogant and nuts to be enjoyable.

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