Sunday, March 6, 2016

I'll Take a Look Later

I've been blissfully news free for a day or two.  Soon I am sure to run into some news whether I want to or not.  It just seemed so curious and orchestrated, the way all forces political--which includes media especially--aimed and fired at Trump repeatedly.  More than the usual flak any candidate can expect.

I wonder what the next act in the play that pretends to be our government election process will entail. It is as interesting as it is sad to see how easily the public is swayed and herded and directed.  People repeat sound bites from news and comedy shows that have replaced traditional news shows, without ever double checking veracity of the assertions.  They just parrot the things and become emotionally attached.

If Hillary were to be indicted for being an irresponsible secretary of state in her handling of state secrets, perhaps they would yet toss Pocahontas into the race.  I had expected a push from Elizabeth Warren from the outset.  Maybe once they knock out Trump, the same thing will be done with Clinton.  She is actually an easier mark, except she's got the goods on most of Washington, I think.

I cannot imagine what possesses certain people to run for president.  Trump's run has me puzzled.  If he is really just doing it because he cares, I assume that he knows he has probably put his life in danger.  From now on people will be doing anything to tear him down.  I think he is probably the perfect target for lunatics.

We can worry about that another time.  For now, I am still playing music here and there, often wondering why I bother, feeling like a stupid old guy that ought to be someone, some thing, somewhere else.

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