Monday, June 17, 2013

Rules for Radicals with Respect for Rights of Others

Rule #[pick a number]  It is very low, classless and uncool to find hated opponents' addresses, then bring mobs to their residences.

 I would think that would be self evident.  That is a bully tactic.  You think because Mr/and/orMs X is evil in your book that you have the right to disturb the peace in their neighborhood, intimidate with a mob of people, frighten children and family members, maybe give an invalid next door a heart attack with your bullhorn madness?

It is wrong to go about it like that.  And nine times out of ten your group is running on half truth, give or take.  Rarely the whole truth, because there are those who love an excuse to bully and play sadist, all while loudly claiming justification, "But he/she did bla blabla".  I guess if you cannot reason and have no moral compass the next best thing is to use force, but claim it isn't.

Freedom of speech does not mean you have a right to harass people at home and annoy people for miles with your bullhorn BS.  "can you say neo bolshevik?" and the crowd repeats it.  They could say anything and the crowd will repeat it.
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Maybe I'll try that. I'll go to one of those things and be all into it, then get the little parrot chant thing going, then I'll say things like,  "[censored--too out there to even hint]".   Then again, maybe not.

Nothing is worse than being stalked by a mob.  If a individual does harasses you like that, you can get a restraining order to slow her down.  If a mob does it, it is a demonstration, etc.   Tactics like mobbing a residence contribute to my general lack of support for most unions.   That kind of statement irks a lot of people.  I just go by observation and experience.

Ah, it's like Harley Davidson shirt syndrome---people would fight to death just to defend the name from verbal abuse.  Unions are like that.  There is no room for reason, facts, or logic in the discussion unless they coincide with their usual rants and chants.

Bizarre that the justification for such harassment is the same justification that hostile stalkers use.   It is generally unacceptable in the one case but not the other.   They are lucky their opponents don't use similar tactics and aren't equally willing to make it a gang fight.

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