Friday, June 19, 2009

You Want Drama?

Most likely I am out of touch with humanity because I lack the ability to properly relate heartache and pain. Either you come off as a whiner, or transparently shallow. People like it if you have the right kind of pain, which I don't always have.
Proper drama and heartache may be needed to gain me entrance into the human race. If crows perching on the roof of the deck, screeching for no reason at 6:00 am is not drama, then I don't know what is.

I chased them off but then they flew back at me at eye level as if they were going to attack, then veered off. I was trying to nail them with my slingshot. I was so groggy, and the rising sun was so blinding, that I fired with the bands twisted up, hitting the ceiling and railing with the projectiles. They got the hint so my better shots were too late. The filthy creeps were out of range.

This is war. Me vs the crows.

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