Thursday, March 24, 2011

Blues Union

Once again, I was thinking.

"Why would you do that?", you may ask. Often times, it is fun. That's why.

It started with pictures and video of people trudging around in a circle chanting in unison, with signs that said things like "solidarity" (nothing else, just that????), and "tax the rich" (again, WTF???)

It struck me that most of those things deal with high class problems like pensions, health insurance, more vacation, or possibly it is just a hobby for some people. The camaraderie and all that.

"These are not people who have the Blues", a voice inside my mind lamented. I had to agree. They got no idea bout the trouble I seen.

What about a Blues Union, I thought. What would the signs say and what would they chant?

The first thing that came to mind, which could be on a sign, and/or chanted, is the list of the basic essentials familiar to every bluesman. It is universal:


Don't blame me. I am only one who's got the blues from time to time. I didn't invent the thing.
However it would be a most effective and natural chant for Blues Union members.


-Another good blues chant. It's universal, and a bit of a double entendre, which is always fitting in Blues speak.

My Union could come up with plenty more.
Woke up this mornin
thought I was deaf
that screamin mama finally left

If we go with the megaphone call and response, it might go like this:

megaphone: what we been?
Union crowd: down so long
megaphone: how it look?
union crowd: like up to me

My personal story is a simple one. This picture, which I first saw at the Factotem's, tells my story quite elegantly, I think

I wondered what the blues union should be called?
In keeping with the tone and spirit of most unions I thought IBS would be appropriate International Bluesters in Solidarinosc

Weak, perhaps. Maybe WGBU, not catchy, We Got the Blues Union.

Don't assume that just because I use the term, "bluesman", that it excludes them wimmins--cheatin or not.

The wimmins maybe get blues too. Matter of fact, some play 'em like I know they got em. It's what we call a universal pronoun-bluesman. No one who is really living the blues is politically correct. Can't be done.
No blues men or wimmins are politically correct. So don't be listening to no NOW or PETA or other do-gooder group try to tell you different. Good sex and heartbreak just don't know no political corrections.

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