Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Time to Grow..


OK. What I do is fun, you get high without realizing it, and not many people bother you. There are birds chirping, flowers blooming, and the general ambiance of the work place is like a very peaceful rest home with no one around.

However, if I am to make enough money to keep alive in the future, collect trophies of various types, and achieve the freedom I seek, I must do more with my life.

If you were any kind of friends you'd suggest directions I could take which would yield satisfaction, a fortune, and generally soothe my restless soul. In what way could I employ my many unidentifiable talents toward this end?

Winning suggestion gets 9.2% of my future net profit for three (yes, 3!!) years.

Out in East County

Here's a sample of the sort of emails you get in this neighborhood:

subject: rattlesnake vaccinations

For those neighbors who had th first of two rattlesnake vaccines for your dog at the fork in the road, we’ll be able to administer #2 of the vaccine on Saturday, July 3 at 8am at the fork in the road. The vet who was due to be here two weeks ago has had a family emergency, but he has passed the serum on to Lori ...

It goes on to explain that the vet who shot up the dogs last time and can't make it, passed the dope on to Lori* and some chick* who is a veterinarian tech student who will be able to do the job. At The Fork In The Road, of course. That is where the long dirt road which winds its way up here by means of several switchbacks divides into two parts; the one which goes straight and the one that curves left past my abode.

*It is assumed that everyone knows Lori and the other dame. I have no idea who they are. I'm not part of the inner circle and the cool clique here, obviously

My question is this: If dogs can get a vaccine ahead of time, why can't humans? and..what would be the side effects? If it is merely slurred speech, I can see why dogs wouldn't care. I bet they shouldn't operate heavy machinery.

I've seen several flyers out this way, at the Descanso post office, and in Alpine, for classes to teach your dog not to play with rattlesnakes. I feel ignorant. No one taught me anything about how to be rattler savvy. Between bears and rattlesnakes, I'm wondering if I should be re-thinking this life as Western Man.

So, if one brings me coffee can we be friends?

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