Sunday, November 1, 2009

Problem solving: part 1 of 432,000

How does one know where to start when seeking to affect a change of some kind?    "Change", in this case, is not defined as disrupting the lives of others or enslaving them.  Current use of the word may have some people confused.  I mean in the case of a change with some purpose and form, like, "I need to make more money so I can pay rent and buy a motorcycle".  Or, "I need to gain 20 pounds so I won't blow off of the deck in the wind."

So, I'd say the first thing to address is what is the problem.  Is it something you want to add to your life or remove from it?   Removing would be something like not wanting to spend your rent money on dope every month, or not indulging the pretend friend who always screws up your life, smiling all the while and professing friendship while you go under as a result.   Adding would be a project you want to do, or education, or getting involved in something new, hopefully not self serving pat yourself on the back community service.   True community service would be opening a theater in Descanso and showing primo movies and foreign films as well.  That would be supah.

OK, so I want to make more dough.   The trick is to list possible efforts within my capabilities that I think might bring a dollar or two here and there, but do not list all the things that won't pay.  The negative stuff just lands you in the welfare line bitching about "the rich" and how they are robbing you.   Toss out the stuff I do not care to do, like anything that involves screwing people in the name of "just doing my job".   I'm not going to be a cop.  We already knew that, besides I don't qualify.  I won't list the things here because that would jinx everything.  And because this is just one example.   Also look at the safety nets.   Maybe if you have to you could sell something and downsize the lifestyle.    Ideally that is not the way to go.  

The main nemesis in problem solving on the personal level is the tendency to play negative soothsayer when examining possible initiatives to deal with the issue; assuming the worst without really knowing something won't work.  Along with that would be statements to one's self which start with words like always, never, everyone, no one, etc.   Big generalities which are not true.   You can't know what everyone does or say that no one ever gets a fair shake, etc. 

When I figure out what I'm talking about, I'll go to part 2, or so.   I know the exit from my past life involved this sort of thinking, and it all of sudden dawned on me that I had what I needed to move on, provided I had the nerve to jump off into the unknown.  Sometimes the unknown is an improvement over the known.  Especially when the known has become a toxic thing that is closing in around you.   

Now I know there are tons of places to pitch a tent, but not as many places as I'd like which let you build a campfire.  That's because forests burn and it makes for trouble.    Always good to know there is some escape.  

I hope this as been educational.  It was for me.  There are a few matters I need to sort out, so I thought I'd figure it out here while pretending to be an expert.  The cool thing is, when you do narrow things down, then act on the conclusion, it is rewarding, and sometimes chicks dig you.

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