Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Power Tool Heaven and Home Depot review)

Good excuses to acquire more power tools are actually far and few between, if one is clinically logical and honest about the matter. Since I am the rising star of teakology among the rich and famous, it is only reasonable that I have the right tools for the job. Also, anything that reduces the amount of hand sanding is useful considering the onset of tendonitis here and there.

The new job for the Duke of Earl(not real name) more than justifies the acquisition. Although I am as much a magician with a belt sander as there is, it is not the best thing to use and it can only be used for the very first rough sanding. By rough I mean to take off the remaining surface varnish and such. Then I have to do two more passes by hand.

All the literature on the subject strongly discourages belt sander use. They pretty much say, "Absolutely, under no circumstances ever use a belt sander in the practice of teakology!!!!". If you are good, you can ignore that but if you are good you only use that machine to the extent you can without causing trouble. That leaves a lot left to do by other means. I'm satisfied I now have the proper stuff to make the job go quicker.

When I was at the Pt Loma Home depot, they did not have the Milwaukee unit I wanted for the random orbital unit. I have no idea what is random about it. It's not obvious. I needed a finish sander too.

What luck. On my way home today, and it is a great drive, I detoured over to the Poway Home Depot. I should add that I checked some prices and such at my favorite hardware stores as well. Anyway, I entered the Poway Home Depot, the A team of Home Depots.

First I noticed that the parking lot was not the California equivalent of running a gauntlet, or a mine field. People were more laid back and traffic was polite and unhurried. Not too crowded. The people in the store weren't hiding and they knew where everything was. I did misunderstand some directions given by a girl whose first language was valley speak, but she was pleasant so I won't deduct points. I figured it out.

Not only that, but the sander which was unavailable elsewhere was right there for the taking. I also liked the Dewalt finish sander so I bit the bullet and shelled out the dough. By the time I loaded up on some other supplies I spent just about what I figured in the Duke's job for materials. Since he is known to be a nitpicker and possibly has magnifying glass vision, I figure I want to restore his sadly screwed up teak to a level only a psychopath would believe possible.

I like new tools, and old ones. What's really great is that I actually find uses for them. Generally I do not get things like this unless there is good reason. I'm used to never having all the stuff I need which forces me to try harder and make more than maximum use of what I have. I think it is good to not have each and every possible item that can be applied to a task. It ensures use of the imagination and craftsman skills. But having the basics and a few specialty items makes it all go well. Overcoming the tendency to worry about spending any money on such things is a task unto itself.

Today was just too perfect and the Poway Home Depot too fine an example of what all Home Depots should be for me to leave empty handed. Given the choices, I think I chose the best ones for the money and for ongoing teakological studies. While I was at it, I added to the drop cloth stash as well. Tarps and drop cloths are well worth having if you have to work in stone paved courtyards.

I could have been a brain surgery, or a lawyer, I suppose, but I am actually very happy to be doing what I am doing. When I'm rich and famous I'll probably long for these days or at least remember them fondly.

Today was good. I had a very nice long conversation with a pirate, as well. That was a treat. Maybe there is some teak that needs an artist's touch on that vessel. Pirate ships need attention, too.

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