Sunday, July 10, 2016

Forceful Demonstrations are not Peaceful

Blocking traffic is not a peaceful act.  It is an exercise of force.  It is wrong.  This is why they made steamrollers..

Any idiot who tries to pretend that such mob behavior is peaceful is afraid to observe reality and step away from the Great Pretense for a minute.  Use force, then do your best to escalate any response into a bloody battle.

Are people just hypnotized?  Are they idiots?  They will tell you they are "fighting for justice" by standing in the road impeding traffic, possibly preventing someone from getting medical help, inconveniencing others.  Some may be needing to be somewhere on time, like the airport.  Some may have bladder issues.

It makes no difference what people are doing, you have no right to interfere with their daily lives because you are all hyped up over total lies.  And I don't care what has you agitated, you do not get extra rights over others as payment for your victimhood.  That is nonsense.  But that is what we do; we reward victimhood.

It is the grown up version of the booboo patrol---those adults who seem afraid to give positive guidance or reinforcement to children, but they always treat the kid great and make a huge deal out of any little booboo.  "Oh, you poor thing!!!  Come here.  Did that mean ground skin your knee?"  Victim in training.

No justification for screwing up the daily routine of others.  By what right do they think their activities of mob action carry more worth than whatever the strangers on the highway are up to?

Check yo privilege and you'll find you ain't got no stopping traffic on a highway bridge privilege.  Stupid, or just psycho?

Greedy for Anger

I want to get this thought done quickly before I head off to a birthday music jam/ open mic kind of party.  Some very good players will be there.

Anyway, as a result of some comments on facebook, of course, I have come to the realization that some people seek out excuses to justify anger and, in a way, bigotry.  And the case in mind is actually a koolaid guzzling angry leftwing guy.  But this applies both ways. 

It becomes not so much a matter of true principle as a matter of emotional fulfillment.  Some kind of fix for whatever is released in your brain when you can convince yourself the enemy is there, and needs stopping.  Needs ridicule and hate in any case.

People tend to crave justifiable anger.  Rarely is sport anger a very constructive pursuit.  But you look around, you see it in the illogical, regardless of alleged political beliefs.  The thuggish thought patterns are the same.  It is bizarre.  

You've heard people wind themselves up given just the slightest trigger.   Both sides.   And it is pretty much based on fiction; all the emotional stories.  The events are real but just about nothing else being discussed is based on truth. 

I have to go.  Depression and anger, as well as other emotions cause various bio chemical reactions in the brain and body. People can get addicted to one or another of those triggers.  

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