Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Really? Was Tuesday Super? Stage Craft

I've seen and heard many references to "Super Tuesday!" but I paid little attention.  It is impossible not to notice.  I'm trying to avoid the fray because it only results in someone going home crying.  Same as where horseplay leads.

A coworker started spouting the CNN or democratic party line on Trump.  I cannot argue as if I know it is all untrue, but I do sometimes mention that a claim is not true or unsupported.  But I only liked Trump slightly more than Arnold long before politics.  And I never could stand Arnold.  Arnold is one who thinks he's really smart but too dumb to know that he is not all that smart.

He is good at accomplishing goals and maintaining drive.  Those are great qualities but don't indemnify one from being a banal, arrogant, ignorant dolt.   So goes Arnold.

I forgot the talking points my coworker was regurgitating.  I'd heard them before.  That, I remember.   Some of it is the twist from preventing illegals and islamic ne'er-do-wells from entering the country and raping children, to Trump wants to deport all immigrants and he hates all Mexicans.

If La Raza was my only exposure to 'the other', I would hate them.  But it isn't.  So I only hate the strutting racist, ignorant obnoxious ones.  Same with about every ethnicity or race or other grouping based on physical characteristics or condition of birth.  Some are highly annoying and some aren't.  The subset of humans which is composed of those who are truly aberrant, incorporates pieces of all those race and ethnicity defined/condition of birth subgroups.

I hear people making sweeping bandwagon statements, and though I may sympathize with their emotions but I can't actually go with the general mob mentality stuff. I should specify I guess.

OK.  I think our border is a joke, and I think the Mexican government and ours are jokes in border related matters.  Cartels are equal players with governments.  Just on example.  So, everyone knows that there are trouble makers around the border.

But they act like the governments haven't created the problem.  Drug laws, corruption, abuse.  So you have criminals and people trying to escape criminals and people looking to game systems and people who just want to live away from that mess.  Big mix.

But the governments are the biggest problem.  They create the monsters and then beat the public down for their own good, for security against the monsters.  And people buy it. I won't even anticipate the arguments I normally get when I express such views.   They usually beg the question or employ other propaganda devices.  

Personally, I am not thrilled at the way the federal and state governments have evolved.  City, too, for that matter.   But, I am not sure that any of the likely grandstanders claiming to be needed to run things for us, as seriously deranged as they are, will be our doomsday demise.   We are dealing with huge egos.  "Huge" is one word which has enjoyed a surge in usage, if not popularity, via Mr. Trump.

The only possible upside I see if Hillary got in is that maybe some of the outfits that need eradication will piss her off.   There are rumors that being on the wrong side of Clinton can be a terminal disease.  But I suspect all of them would bump people off--or give the nod--if that was what it took to get what they want.   I am unsure what Trump and Hillary and most of the rest want.

I think Bernie justs wants sex with younger hippie women.  Ted may be harboring a messiah complex.  Marco--no idea. Carson--why is running?   He is the least corrupted, I think, but as soon as he gets much into it, he starts to show signs of being forced to play the game like the others.  Only as far as not saying anything to offend anyone, be taken out of context and used against you, etc.  That pretty well covers all speech.   Ben, it is painful because I like you.  But I do not get why you are running instead of working influence in some other way.  Where you might do better.

***just hours or so after this was posted, Ben decided to remove himself from the gangster world of national politics.  At least out of the line of fire.  ****

Anyway, I don't know the validity of any of Trumps plans, but if he is that vile and stupid, why stretch the truth to defame him?  I hate having to defend trump or even hillary from people who cannot resist the personal ignoramus attack approach.  That certainly limits my circle of friends if I were to defriend people for jumping on the half true bandwagons which continually go rumbling by.

It did strike me that when I pointed out Hillary's penchant for pandering, particularly to "persons of color",  my friend immediately just discounted it and refused to even consider her dishonesty and demagoguery.   She had just seen a documentary which described what an idealist genius Hillary has always been.  How she has always been a real champion of civil rights.   My friend watches more tv than I by a factor of about 1000.  Clearly.

So, if you are convinced you have to choose a candidate to love, ignoring any evidence suggesting your dog in the race is rabid, or really a skunk, you need to practice the machinations of non-logic to hone your skills.  Get regular logic out of there or you'll go nuts.

The look of horror I sometimes receive when I say that I think Trump is no more dangerous than most of the other candidates is priceless.  I find them all potentially deadly.   Look at the current one.  Wasn't he supposed to end all war?  Or at least make a whole lot less of it?  Maybe he changed his mind.

He is continually stirring the pot in the mid east.  They will all continue these wars with no goal.  Those are money makers.  After Vietnam they figured out how to make wars that use billions of dollars in bullets and machines but don't cost as many American lives.

That way they keep selling bullets and people don't get overly excited and upset.  Vietnam's lesson to these people was that protracted wars make a lot of money but better find ways that get fewer Americans killed.  That keeps the heat down.

And now we can wage very expensive--lucrative for the suppliers--wars, but never even pretend to win or know what that would mean.  Wars of no actual objective other than to sell bullets.   Everyone can create their own idea of the purpose and plan of these wars.  Throw in an "Oh thank you for your service"  and some knee jerk type patriotism, or just the usual, "It's OK because it is my party doing it'.   That's all you need.  Business as usual and people arguing the fiction they are fed as truth.

Trump did not create that madness, that carnage, and that theft.  So you want to tell me he's more dangerous than those who did create this mad set up?   I don't buy it.

Regarding the border, the border patrol harasses Americans in our own country.  And they serve as a funnel for local police.  It is a money maker.  They have permanent road blocks, and part time road blocks on all major roads.   Interstates and the old two lane highways.   If they were just looking for border jumpers, why do this?  How about just have border surveillance or/and change the stupid laws.

People accept anything.  Path of least resistance.  And the old standby that if you got nuittin to hide, by golly, then who cares if they stop you to prove your innocence just for the hell of it?  That implies you live by grace and permission of the state.  Circumstances you can't foresee can easily throw you into a situation in which this sort of abuse comes back to bite.

But I wonder if today's hard core progressives will even acknowledge clear proof or solid logic.   They would likely deny that anything outside their preferred world model could possibly exist.  So, if authoritarian tactics end up used in ways that affect them, they'll blame others.

The biggest red flag when it comes to the methods of the governmental and that whole odd concept, was when they actually felt that a "national conversation on obesity" was of such importance that "we" should start programs and spend taxes to identify and fix fat kids.  They just never said it like that.  We are "combatting obesity!".  (said the fat sweaty statists in tax paid legislatures).

Seriously.  When obesity is now everyone's business and concern, you don't get just the slightest little tinge of a feeling that you may being played for a sucker?   A useful stupid, idiot?

That is just one example.  Government is always trying to sell itself.  And the major news outlets for years have served as government's sales people.  How often did the nightly news back in the old days include a story, and then anchor to field reporter cross exam which always included conclusions involving inadequate regulation.  They forever cried for regulation.  Maybe they still do.

It is a game.  Even if you really want to love some politician in this circus, I'm telling you, it is a stage play.  I do not get why it is, as far as the core motive.  No matter.  It is a play.   Politics is one business in which people are not themselves.  They pander.  Simple as that.

Here's a test:
If you were speaking in an auditorium filled with thirty thousand people or whatever they hold, and all seats were filled with geniuses and PhD's or equivalent.  A room with Einstein and Newton and Hawking.  Would you be pumping your fist trying to work them up into a frenzied mob?

The top candidates clearly know they are preaching to dimwits or people in heavy denial, because they talk to them as if they are working the crowd up for a rock band.  But they are jockeying for position to have access to sending nuclear weapons across the globe.  They are bucking to be the head of the military.  I would not think, if I were to interview people for the job, that the one screaming and pumping fists and jumping on furniture or calling names would be the best candidate.

I have to say, though.  The best argument I have heard in Trump's favor is that Al and Rosie said they'd leave.  Rosie, I don't so much care. But for Al Sharpton to go be a pest in another country?  Wow!  That is worth the Nobel Peace prize, or Congressional Medal of Honor.

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